Agilent 6490 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer and 1290 Infinity Quaternary Liquid Chromatography System


The 6490 instrument provides unsurpassed sensitivity for the analysis of pharmaceutical compounds, trace-level nutrients, clinical samples, drugs, metabolites, and biomarkers. With 1 millisecond dwell times and no collision cell cross talk, the 6490 QqQ is ideally coupled with the 1290 ultra high-pressure/performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) system for fast sample analyses, allowing reliable peak integration and quantitation across even 1 second-wide UPHLC peaks. For very complex sample mixtures, the 6490 QqQ allows dynamic multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) methods with up to 4,000 transitions per method and polarity (positive/negative) switching in as little as 30 milliseconds. These rapid polarity switching times are due, in part, to the resistively coated capillary and the unique ion funnel design. The 6490 incorporates advanced Ion Funnel Technology to achieve attogram sensitivity.

Features of the 6490 include:

  • Agilent Jet Stream thermal gradient focusing technology, a precisely micro-machined sprayer surrounds electrospray ionization (ESI) droplets with a sheath of superheated gas to desolvate and concentrate ions near the MS inlet for more effective sampling.
  • Hexabore sampling capillary Six independent, parallel bores enable a much larger fraction of the ions formed in the ESI spray plume to enter the MS.
  • Dual-stage ion funnel novel design facilitates increased ion transfer to Q1 while evacuating the higher gas load and still allowing for rapid positive negative switching.
  • High-mass quadrupoles and precise radio frequency (RF) control improve performance across the mass range.
  • A resistively coated sampling capillary enhances ion transmission and enables rapid ion polarity switching with minimal ion losses.
  • Curved hexapole collision cell shrinks the footprint of the instrument, eliminates background noise and cross-talk, and improves overall signal-to-noise of the system.
  • Compatible with Agilent HPLC-Chip Nano LC system, allowing high sensitivity for peptide quantitation.

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