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Cell Sorting Facility

Sorting of cells at CHORI is performed on a BD Biosciences FACSAria IIu cell sorter equipped with 355 nm, 488 nm, and 635 nm lasers capable of simultaneous detection of up to 10 different fluorescent dyes.  Both analysis and high-speed sorting can be performed based on staining of cell markers with fluorescent probes.  The FACSAria is supported by FACSDiva software.  Sorted cells can be collected into up to four 1 ml microtubes, up to four 12 x 75 mm tubes, or up to two 15 ml tubes.  Using an automated cell deposition unit (ACDU), cells can be sorted into plates containing up to 384 wells or onto slides.  During sorting, sample tubes can be maintained at room temperature or at 4°C, 20°C, 37°C, or 42°C.  Sample tubes can also be agitated at speeds of 100-300 rpm if necessary to maintain a good cell suspension during prolonged sorting.  Cells can be sorted under aseptic conditions as needed.

CHORI FACSAria accessories include the following:

  1. BD Aerosol Management System, which is a device that promotes the containment of any aerosols generated during the normal sorting process and during any failure modes. 
  2. bioBubble Biohazard containment unit which is a negative pressure containment unit that fully encloses the cell sorter. The bioBubble provides protection for sorting of samples up to and including BSL2+ particles. 
  3. BD Temperature Control Option, which consists of a recirculating water bath and specially designed collection tube holders with ports for recirculating water.  Tube holders are available for 15 ml two-way sorting and for four-way sorting into 12 x 75 mm tubes.  The recirculating water bath can also be used with the ACDU for temperature-controlled sorting into plates.

Cell sorting is performed by Kelsey Sharkey on a fee-for-service basis.  If you wish to arrange to have cells sorted at CHORI, please contact Dr. Parker several days prior to the desired sorting date.

Contact information:
David W. Killilea, PhD
Phone: 510-428-3885, ext. 2376

Further information on sorting at CHORI can be obtained from the following documents:

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