Medical Director, CHO
Hematology/Oncology Programs




The Hemoglobinopathy Center
The focus of my work is translational research involving hemoglobin disorders, iron metabolism, transfusion medicine, and fetal hemoglobin regulation. My research in the area of iron metabolism includes understanding the effects of inflammation on iron deposition and organ damage. I have received an RO1 grant to research the differences in iron transport and organ injury between sickle cell and thalassemia. Preliminary data suggests a significant difference between these diseases in the transport of iron from the liver to target organs. As part of this study, we are evaluating new technology to quantitate early iron-induced organ injury.
In addition, I am currently investigating methods to determine red cell survival and novel therapy for sickle cell disease. The study involves the development of new iron chelators to find out whether red cell survival in sickle cell disease can be increased by chelating iron from the red cell, thereby decreasing oxidative injury.


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