Sylvia T. Singer, MD, is a pediatric hematologist with a specific interest in the genetic blood disease, thalassemia. She has been involved in the comprehensive clinical care for thalassemia patients through the Northern California Thalassemia Center, centered at CHO, as well as in executing and designing her own individual clinical research studies.

Dr Singer developed a special interest in the use of alternative treatment regimens for thalassemia to include agents that increase fetal hemoglobin synthesis. She recently completed coordinating a multi-center study looking at the effects of hydroxyurea, butyrate and erythropoietin in patienst with a thalassemia intermedia phenotype, primarily with E/beta thalassemia. Current studies are underway to assess the use of a long acting erythropoietin product in thalassemia intermedia, and to investigate the clinical, biochemical and cellular mechanisms leading to pulmonary hypertension (PHT) in thalassemia and investigate the effect of specific anticoagulant treatment.


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