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YouTube Interview

Dr. Julie Saba is a physician and a pediatric cancer researcher at Childrens Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI). CHORI is the research arm of the hospital and Dr. Saba thinks it is a wonderful place to be doing research. She and fellow researchers have very close ties with the clinical department and are always working together. Along with a Cancer Center, which involves many investigators, CHORI scientists are also focusing on new vaccines, nutrition, and improving overall childhood health.

JCI Interview

Many lines of evidence support a link between prolonged inflammation and tumorigenic transformation. For example, patients with inflammatory bowel disease are at increased risk of developing colon cancer. In this episode, Julie Saba, Emilie Degagné, and Padmavathi Bandhuvula reveal that dietary sphingolipid metabolism influences intestinal inflammation and carcinogenesis. The results of this study suggest that plant-based sphingolipids have potential as protective agents against colon cancer.

Emilie Degagné ... Yasmin Ahmedi, Julie D. Saba
Published December 1, 2014 
Citation Information: J Clin Invest. 2014;124(12):5368-5384. doi:10.1172/JCI74188.


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