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Cruz, T.D., Valdes, A.M., Santiago, A., Frazer de Llado, T., Raffel, L.J., Zeidler, A., Rotter, J.I., Erlich, H.A., Rewers, M., Bugawan, T., et al. (2004). DPB1 alleles are associated with type 1 diabetes susceptibility in multiple ethnic groups. Diabetes 53, 2158-2163.
Erlich, H., Valdes, A.M., Noble, J., Carlson, J.A., Varney, M., Concannon, P., Mychaleckyj, J.C., Todd, J.A., Bonella, P., Fear, A.L., et al. (2008). HLA DR-DQ Haplotypes and Genotypes and Type 1 Diabetes Risk: Analysis of the Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium Families. Diabetes.
Ladner, M.B., Bottini, N., Valdes, A.M., and Noble, J.A. (2005). Association of the single nucleotide polymorphism C1858T of the PTPN22 gene with type 1 diabetes. Hum Immunol 66, 60-64.
Mirel, D.B., Valdes, A.M., Lazzeroni, L.C., Reynolds, R.L., Erlich, H.A., and Noble, J.A. (2002). Association of IL4R haplotypes with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes 51, 3336-3341.
Noble, J.A., Martin, A., Valdes, A.M., Lane, J.A., Galgani, A., Petrone, A., Lorini, R., Pozzilli, P., Buzzetti, R., and Erlich, H.A. (2008). Type 1 diabetes risk for HLA-DR3 haplotypes depends on genotypic context: Association of DPB1 and HLA class I loci among DR3 and DR4 matched Italian patients and controls. Hum Immunol, In Press.
Noble, J.A., Valdes, A.M., Bugawan, T.L., Apple, R.J., Thomson, G., and Erlich, H.A. (2002). The HLA class I A locus affects susceptibility to type 1 diabetes. Hum Immunol 63, 657-664.
Noble, J.A., Valdes, A.M., Cook, M., Klitz, W., Thomson, G., and Erlich, H.A. (1996). The role of HLA class II genes in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: molecular analysis of 180 Caucasian, multiplex families. Am J Hum Genet 59, 1134-1148.
Noble, J.A., Valdes, A.M., Lane, J.A., Green, A.E., and Erlich, H.A. (2006). Linkage disequilibrium with predisposing DR3 haplotypes accounts for apparent effects of tumor necrosis factor and lymphotoxin-alpha polymorphisms on type 1 diabetes susceptibility. Hum Immunol 67, 999-1004.
Noble, J.A., Valdes, A.M., Thomson, G., and Erlich, H.A. (2000). The HLA class II locus DPB1 can influence susceptibility to type 1 diabetes. Diabetes 49, 121-125.
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Valdes, A.M., Erlich, H.A., and Noble, J.A. (2005). Human leukocyte antigen class I B and C loci contribute to Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) susceptibility and age at T1D onset. Hum Immunol 66, 301-313.

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