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Education and research training are intrinsic aspects of the research programs at CHORI. A key aspect of the research education in CHORI is the CHORI Summer Research Program. The objective of the program is to identify students with the potential to pursue careers in biomedical, clinical and bio-behavioral research. The program provides the students with a research and education training experience and aims to stimulate interest in pursuing a career in biomedical research. The program encompasses an intensive curriculum for 9-weeks, which includes carrying out an original research project, with each student assigned to a faculty member; in addition, the students participate in weekly meetings, seminars on current research topics and in discussions on ethics and integrity in research. The program concludes with a one-day symposium where all participants present their research findings in an oral or poster format. Each year CHORI and CHRCO host 40-50 students from all over the US. More details may be obtained at the following website:Summer Student Faculty.

The CHORI Summer Research Program encompasses all the students under the NIH-funded program to increase diversity in research for under graduate students, the Elizabeth Nash foundation for undergraduate student research involving cystic fibrosis, the American Heart Association students and volunteers. The CHORI summer research program serves as a model for similar programs nationwide and has received continuous funding years since its inception in 1990.

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