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Dr. McCann has been with CHORI for more than10 years. She received a BA in Chemistry and a PhD in Biology from the University of Colorado. In her earlier career, she was an independent staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Director of Western Operations for a science-based environmental consulting firm, and a private research consultant. Dr. McCann has presented numerous invited lectures, and has served on many expert committees. She has had a long association with Dr. Ames, and as senior author on many publications, is in the top 5% of cited scientists.

Dr. McCann co-directs the Ames Nutrition & Metabolism group. She is one of the inventors of the CHORI-bar and leads that project, a collaborative effort among all Ames group investigators. The patent-pending CHORI-bar, developed over the past 10 years in collaboration with the USDA, is a nutrient dense, high fiber, fruit-based bar that improves almost all of the biomarkers that characterize metabolic dysregulation common in obesity. The CHORI-bar program is pursuing 5 major aims: (a) To provide a practical solution to improving metabolic health in obese populations; (b) To understand how different food components in the bar interact with metabolism; (c) To test the ability of the bar to improve obesity-associated conditions characterized by metabolic dysregulation, such as asthma and pre-diabetes; (d) To use the bar as a research tool to understand individual differences in responsiveness to this dietary intervention; and (e) To explore the potential of the CHORI-bar to assist in weight loss.

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