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Hypospadias is a congenital malformation in which the urethral opening is on the ventral side of the penis, rather than at the tip. It is one of the most common congenital malformations, affecting about 4-6 males per 1000 male births. The severity ranges from a urethral meatus that is slightly off center to a meatus that is located in the perineal area. Some hypospadias cases can be attributed to known underlying genetic causes or syndromes (<10%), but for most, no cause is evident. The public health effect of hypospadias is significant, given that it usually involves surgical correction, and even after correction. Boys born with hypospadias may experience impaired sexual function and psychosocial difficulties related to sexuality and sexual activity later in life. Hypospadias tends to be more common among babies born to women who are non-Hispanic white, have a higher education, and are older and nulliparous, and babies with hypospadias are more likely to be small for gestational age.

Recent publications:
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