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American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
American College of Physicians
American Diabetes Association
American Federation for Clinical Research
American Heart Association
American Institute of Nutrition
American Society of Clinical Investigation
American Society for Clinical Nutrition
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
International Atherosclerosis Society
National Lipid Association

Editorial Boards:
Current Atherosclerosis Report (Section Editor 2007)
Current Opinion in Lipidology (Section Editor 1994-96)
Current Opinion in Endocrinology and Metabolism (Section Editor 1997-1998)
Dialogues in Diabetes (Associate Editor)
Journal of Lipid Research (Associate Editor 1999-2005)
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1999-2005)
Coronary Artery Disease: Index & Reviews
Endocrinology and Metabolism
Genes & Nutrition
Heart Connection!
Journal of the CardioMetabolic Syndrome
Menopausal Medicine
Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders
Obesity (Associate Editor 2007- present)
The Pharmacogenomics Journal
Preventive Cardiology
UC Berkeley Wellness Letter
Vascular Pharmacology
The Vascular System.

Journal Reviews:
American Journal of Cardiology
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
American Journal of Epidemiology
American Journal of Human Genetics
American Journal of Hypertension
American Journal of Physiology
Annals of Internal Medicine
Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
Clinical Chemistry
Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
Current Pharmacogenetics
Diabetes Care
Journal of the American Medical Association
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Journal of Clinical Investigation
Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism
Journal of Lipid Research
Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders
Molecular Medicine
New England Journal of Medicine
Obesity Research
Pharmacogenetics and Genomics
The Pharmacogenomics Journal
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Major National Media Reports:
Major Newspapers: New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, Associated Press, Reuters, Seattle Times, many others
Magazines: Newsweek, Time, Fortune, US News and World Report, Reader’s Digest, many others
National Television: CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, ABC World News Tonight, CNN

National Institutes of Health Activities:
NHLBI Program Project and SCOR reviews, 1981, 1986, 1989-1992, 1997, 2003
NHLBI Clinical Trials Review Committee, Ad hoc member, 1989, 1991
NHLBI Metabolism Study Section, Ad hoc member, 1985
NICHD Contract review, 1982
Member, Planning Committee for Workshop on Lipoprotein Heterogeneity, Bethesda, 1986
Protocol Review Committee and Data and Safety Monitoring Committee, Postmenopausal Estrogen-Progestin Intervention (PEPI) Study, NIH, 1988-1998.
NIAAA Special Study Section, 1996; NHLBI Special Study Section, 1998
External Advisory Committee NIH Program Projects: University of Alabama Birmingham, University of Washington, UCLA, Wake Forest University
Member, Pharmacogenetics Steering Committee, NHLBI, 2002 - present.
Reviewer, NHLBI Winter Vascular Program Project Reviews, Bethesda, MD, January 2003.
Member, NHLBI Spark II Working Group, Bethesda, MD, 2003.
Speaker, NHLBI Think Tank on Enhancing NHLBI Obesity Research, Bethesda, MD, March 24-25, 2003.
Speaker, NHLBI/AHA Conference on Scientific Issues Related to the Definition of Metabolic Syndrome, Bethesda, MD, April 7-8, 2003.
Member, Research Priority Panel for the Specialized Centers of Clinically Oriented Research (SCCOR), Bethesda, MD, December 10-11, 2003.
Chair, NIH Special Emphasis Panel, Bethesda, MD, 2004.
Organizing Chair, “Race, Genomics and Health Disparities Symposium”, sponsored by NIH NCMHD Center of Excellence in Nutritional Genomics, August 18-19, 2006.
Member, NHLBI CARE Steering Committee, 2006-2008.
Member, Foundation for NIH Biomarkers Consumption Subcommittee, 2008-2009.
NHLBI Fourth Expert Panel on Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Cholesterol in Adults, 2008-2010
Member, NHLBI Clinical Guidelines for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Expert Panel, 2008-2009
Member, Committee on Evidentiary Recommendations for Qualification of Surrogate Endpoints for Chronic Disease Risk, 2008-2009

American Heart Association Activities:
Fellow, Council on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, 1981-present
Chairman, Nominating Committee, 1991-1993 and Member, Executive Committee, Council on Arteriosclerosis, 1991-1996; Budget Committee, 1994-present; Clinical Affairs Committee, 1994-present
Nutrition Committee, 1991 - 1999; Liaison to Arteriosclerosis Council, 1993-1995; Vice Chairman, 1994-1995; Chairman, 1995-1998
Nutrition Committee Long Range Planning Committee, 1992-1999; Chair, 1993-1995; 1998-1999.
AHA Writing Group on Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Programs, Committee on Exercise and Cardiac Rehabilitation, 1992-1994
AHA Panel on Secondary Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease, 1995
Prevention Coordinating Committee, 1996-1998; Chair, Obesity Working Group
Council Affairs Committee, 1995-1998
First National Spokespersons Panel, 1998; 2002-2008
Task Force on Councils in the 21st Century, 1998
Program Committee, Prevention V Conference, 1998
Epidemiology Research and Training Task Force, 2000.
Founder and Chair, Council on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism, 2000-2002.
Science Advisory and Coordinating Committee, 2002.
Functional Genomics IWG Steering Committee, 2002-present.
Distinguished Scientist Selection Committee, April 2003-June 2005.
Inaugural Fellow, Council on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism, 2002-present.
Fellow of the American Heart Association, 2003-present.
Advocacy Coordinating Committee, June 2004-June 2005.
National Board of Directors, 2004-2006.
ATVB Program Committee, 2005-2007
National Nominating Committee, 2006-2008
NPAM Membership/Communications Committee, 2009-2011.

California Affiliate:
Chairman, Research Allocation Committee, Alameda County Heart Association, 1981-1985
Board of Directors, Alameda County Heart Association, 1982-1987
Board of Directors, 1987-1988, 1995-present
President, Alameda County Heart Association, 1987-1989
Research Committee, 1992; Vice Chairman, 1993-1995; Chairman, 1995-1998
Budget and Finance Committee, 1994-1998
Vice President for Research, 1995-1998
Board of Directors, East Bay Office, 2003-present

University of California Teaching:
Biochemistry Correlates Course, UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program, Berkeley, CA.
Introduction to Clinical Medicine Course, UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program, Berkeley, CA.
Nutritional Sciences Department, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.
Member, Graduate Group in Nutrition, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of California, Berkeley, 1999-Present.

Other Activities (since 1990):
Member, International Committee for the Evaluation of Hypertriglyceridemia as a Vascular Risk Factor, 1990
Member, Program Committee, Deuel Conference on Lipid Metabolism, 1990-1992; Chairman, 1992
Member, Greater San Francisco Alumni Committee, Campaign for the Third Century of Harvard Medicine, Harvard Medical School, 1990
Visiting Professor Program, National Dairy Council, 1990
Member, Scientific Advisory Council, Nathan Pritikin Research Foundation, 1991-present
Member, Scientific Board, Center for Clinical and Basic Research, Ballerup, Denmark, 1992-present
Member, International Advisory Board, International Symposium on "Triglycerides II: The Lipid Triad and Cardiovascular Diseases," 1992
Member, Program Committee, American Diabetes Association Consensus Conference on Diagnosis and Management of Dyslipidemia in Diabetes, 1992
Member, Program Committee, AHA Scientific Conference on Effectiveness of Hypocholesterolemic Diets, 1994
Member, Program Committee, AHA Scientific Conference on Hormonal, Metabolic, and Cellular Influences on Cardiovascular Disease in Women, 1995
Expert Panel, American Institute of Nutrition, American Society for Clinical Nutrition, 1994- Member, Scientific Advisory Board, gene/Networks, Inc., 1995-1998
Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board, Berkeley HeartLab, Inc., 1996-present
Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Lipid Nurse Task Force, 1997-2001.
External Promotion Review Committee, Scripps Clinic and Research Institute, 1998
Consultant, KOS Pharmaceuticals Advisory Board, 1998
Member, Committee on Genetics, Nutrition, and Chronic Disease, International Union of Nutritional Sciences, 1998-
The Atorvastatin Research Awards Research Committee, Parke-Davis, 1999-2007
Member, Steering Committee, National Lipid Education Program, 1999-2008
Senior Scientific Adviser, National Cholesterol Education Program, 1999- 2001.
Member, Macronutrient Panel, Dietary Reference Intake Committee, Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, 1999-2002.
Member, Scientific Advisory Board, OmegaTech, Inc., 2001-2002
Member, Rosuvastatin Calcium Advisory Board, 2001-present.
Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association, 2001-2007.
Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, CHORI, 2002-present.
Member, Translational Research Advisory Committee, 2002
Member, International Dairy Foods Association, Medical Advisory Board for the Milk Processor Education Program (MILKPEP), 2002-2008
Member, American Egg Board, Scientific Advisory Panel, 2002-2003.
Member, Vital Living, Inc., Scientific Advisory Board, 2003-present.
Chair, NPAM Nominating Committee, 2002
Member, International Advisory Board, International Symposium on Triglycerides, Metabolic Disorders and Cardiovascular Disease, 2002
Member, ADA Entelos Scientific Advisory Board, 2002 – 2005
Consultant, Origin Capital Management, 2002 – 2007
Member, Weber Shandwick Medical Advisory Board, 2002
Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program, August 1, 2002 – June 30, 2005.
Consultant, Versant Ventures, 2003
Member, Lipitor Triglyceride Advisory Board, 2003
Member, National Dairy Council 3-A-Day Advisory Panel, 2003-2005.
Member, Professional Section, American Diabetes Association Council, May 2003 – present.
Consultant, Monsanto Company, June 2003-June 2004.
Consultant, BioAsia Management, LLC, August 2003 – September 2003.
Member, GlaxoSmithKline Advisory Board, December 2003
Member, Quark Biotech Medical Advisory Board, 2003-2004.
Member, CHORI Faculty Development Committee, 2004-present.
Member, International Advisory Board, 2nd International Symposium on Triglycerides, Metabolic Disorders and Cardiovascular Disease, 2004-2005.
Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, The Culinary Institute of America, “Worlds of Healthy Flavors”, 2004-2005.
Consultant, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, July 2004 – July 2005.
Member, Advisory Board, Sanofi-Synthelabo Inc., June 2004-June 2011.
Consultant, Theracos, Inc., October 2004 – October 2005.
Member, American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions Planning Committee, July 2005 – June 2006.
Member, International Committee for Insulin Resistance, 2003-
Member, Board of Directors, International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics (ISNN), 2005-
Consultant, Reliant Pharmaceuticals, 2005
Member, International Advisory Board, Drugs Affecting Lipid Metabolism Symposium, 2005-.
Member, International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk, 2005-present
Member, WISH Data and Safety Monitoring Board, 2005-2008
Member, CRP Study Data and Safety Monitoring Board, 2005-2009
Member, Children’s Hospital & Research Center of Oakland’s Scholarship Oversight Committee, 2006.
Member, Merck/Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals Cholesterol Metabolism Advisory Board, 2006-2009.
Member, Nutrition Research Scientific Review Committee, National Dairy Council, 2006-2008.
Member, OmniCARB Data Safety Monitoring Board, 2007-2009
Consultant, Sanofi-Aventis, 2007-2008.
Member, Merck & Co,. Inc. Atherosclerosis Global Advisory Board, 2007-
Consultant, Celera Group, 2007-
Member, Data Safety Monitoring Board, OmniCARB, 2007-2009
Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Nutrition 21, Inc., 2007-2008
Member, Advisory Board, Med Health Solutions, Inc., 2008-
Member, Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies of Sciences Committee on Qualification of Biomarkers as Surrogate Endpoints in Chronic Disease, Chair Case Studies Subcommittee, 2008-2010
Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Bay City Capital, 2009-
Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Metabolex, 2009-
Consultant, Merck Triglyceride Summit Scientific Engagement Meeting, 2009
Member, Foundation for NIH Biomarkers Consortium, Atherosclerosis Working Group, 2009-2010
Member, International Advisory Committee of Abdominal Obesity: Bridging the Gap between Cardiology and Diabetology Congress, 2010-
Member, Liver Center, University of California, San Francisco, 2010-
Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Adventist Health System/Florida Hospital, 2010-2011.

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