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Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications
  1. Fung EB, Gariepy CA, Sawyer AJ, Higa A, Vichinsky EP. The effect of whole body vibration therapy on bone density in patients with thalassemia: a pilot study. American Journal of Hematology 2012; June 28 Epub Ahead of Print [UI: 22886910]
  2. Walter PB, Porter J, Evans P, Kwiatkowski JL, Neufeld EJ, Coates T, Giardina PJ, Grady RW, Vichinsky E, Olivieri N, Trachtenberg F, Alberti D,
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  3. Hacker-Thompson A, Fung EB, King JC. Calcium during Pregnancy: A review. Nutrition Reviews. 2012; 70:7:397-409. [UI: 22747842]
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  4. Dror DK, King JC, Fung EB, Van Loan M, Gertz E, Allen LH. Evidence of associations between feto-maternal vitamin D status, cord parathyroid hormone and bone-specific alkaline phosphatase and newborn whole body bone mineral content. Nutrients 2012;4:68-77.
  5. Fung EB, Xu Y, Trachtenberg F, Olivieri N, Kwiatkowski JL, Thompson AA, Neufeld EJ, Boudreaux J, Quinn C, Vichinsky EP for the Thalassemia Clinical Research Network. Inadequate Dietary Intake in Patients with Thalassemia. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2012;April 30 Epub ahead of print.[UI: 22551675]
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Selected Book Chapters
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