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Christian Schwarzer – Christian is a recipient of a postdcctoral fellowship from Cystic Fibrosis Research Inc. He uses molecular cloning techniques, single cell imaging of intracellular and membrane-near pH, and electrophysiological techniques to identify proton transporters and determine their role in acid secretion.


Eric Wunderlich - Eric is a graduate student of Terry Machen at UC Berkeley, where he used imaging techniques to determine the expression of acid and base transporters in the cell membranes of CF airway epithelia. At CHORI Eric performs additional electrophysiological studies in Ussing chambers.

Michéle Chu -- Michele investigates chloride and bicarbonate currents in the apical and basolateral membranes of CF airway epithelia using transepithelial Ussing chamber techniques.

Lab Alumni

Nancy C. Chung, MD – Nancy is a pediatric critical care fellow at Children’s Hospital Oakland and at UCSF. In our lab, Nancy performed measurements of nasal PD in asthmatics (2001).

Loree Tamanaha -- Loree used RT-PCR and transepithelial techniques (2000-01) to investigate ClC-type chloride channels in CF and normal airway epithelia. As a result of this work she was awarded the prestigious Chaikoff Award of Excellence in Physiology and Biophysics at UC Berkeley.

Tracy de la Cruz -- Tracy used RT-PCR to determine expression of various chloride channels in normal and CF cells (2000).

Caroline Wong – Caroline used RT-PCR to identify ClC-type chloride channels in airway epithelia (2000).

Vivien Lee – Vivian investigated flavonoid-based CFTR activators using transepithelial Ussing chamber recordings (1998).


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