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We are an experienced team of epithelial physiologists with a long-standing record in pre-clinical drug development for channelopathies, such as, cystic fibrosis and diarrheal diseases. We provide drug testing of ion channel modulators on a fee-for-service contract basis for target identification, determination of drug kinetics, and drug selectivity and specificity. Typically we investigate effects of drugs, natural compounds, diet or environmental factors on a variety of epithelial functions. We also offer consultation for optimal study design and provide scientific support during a study.

Typical targets are:

  • the cAMP-activated Cl channel CFTR
  • the Ca-activated Cl channel CaCC (gene TMEM16A)
  • the swelling-activated Cl channel
  • the epithelial Na channel ENaC
  • epithelial barrier function

Typical tissues are:

  • intestinal epithelial cell lines
  • lung epithelial cell lines (normal and CF)
  • primary lung epithelial cultures
  • mouse/rat intestine

Transepithelial Ussing chamber assay
Recordings of ion transport in Ussing chambers are typically used as secondary screens of hits that have been identified in primary assays. This technique results in a detailed characterization of drug kinetics including quantitative (Km, IC50, and Vmax) and qualitative measures (selectivity and specificity). We provide a 14-channel Ussing setup operated by experienced, well-trained staff for efficient data generation and though-put.

Patch clamp electrophysiology
Patch clamping is largely done for target identification and drug selectivity. We are experienced with all patch clamp recording modes. Drug testing is typically done in the whole cell patch clamp mode owing to the proper orientation of the cell membrane, ready access of test drug from the bath, and higher through-put compared to other patch clamp modes.

As an academic laboratory with more than 20 years of experience in epithelial ion channel function, we provide scientific support and are available to consult on every level of pre-clinical drug development.




For further information contact Beate Illek, PhD via email.

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