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Illek B, Lizarzaburu ME, Lee V, Nantz MH, Kurth MJ, Fischer H (2000) Structural determinants for activation and block of CFTR-mediated chloride currents by apigenin. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 279, C1838-C1846. Abstract
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Schuier M, Sies H, Illek B, Fischer H (2005) Cocoa-related flavonoids inhibit CFTR-mediated chloride transport across T84 human colon epithelia.  J Nutr 135,2320-2325. Abstract

Cloned Genes

Schwarzer C, Machen TE, Illek B, Fischer H (2003) Homo sapiens NADPH oxidase 4 variant (Nox4) mRNA. GenBank Acc No. AY288918. Abstract

Schwarzer C, Borcanski G, Widdicombe JH, Fischer H, Illek B (2003)  SVCT2 in ciliated human tracheal epithelial cultures. GenBank Acc No. AY380556. Abstract


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