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Dr. Feusner's research recently has been clinical and focused on acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL), hepatoblastoma, and supportive care. Past research has included: correlation of CSF polyamines with CNS leukemia in acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL); primary site of EBV infections in patients with malignancy; prophylactic urokinase in central venous catheters in children with malignancy; erythropoietin use in pediatric oncology (2 projects) and a large project, still in progress, exploring the molecular epidemiology of childhood leukemia with the University of California, Berkeley (collaboration with Cancer Center member Pat Buff ler).

His non-administrative work with the national Children’s Oncology Groups has included: membership on 26 disease committees (chairman or co-chairman of 8), and membership on steering committees of 3. His current activities in this group are: Chair of the APL study (just closed), co-PI of the committee to develop the successor APL study, membership of the pilot AML trial evaluating incorporation of gemtuzumab into chemotherapy for newly diagnosed children with AML, member of the liver tumor committee, co-PI on an epidemiologic study of hepatoblastoma in premature infants (for which he has been the lead author of all publications from CCG/COG), and leader of a new group to formulate methodology for creating evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.


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