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 Recent Selected Publications (2009-2012)

  1. Mietus-Snyder ML, Shigenaga, MK, Suh JH, Shenvi SV, Lal A, McHugh T, Olson D, Lilienstein J, Krauss RM, Gildengoren G, McCann JC, and Ames BN (2012) A micronutrient-dense, high fiber, fruit-based supplement bar increases HDL, particularly large HDL, lowers homocysteine, and raises glutathione in a 2-week trial. FASEB J, 26(8):3515-27. doi:10.1096/fj.11-201558.

  2. McCann JC, Hudes ML, Ames BN (2012) Unusual clustering of coefficients of variation in published articles from a medical biochemistry department in India. Anaesthesia. In press. Submitted May 4, 2012

  3. Trewavas T (2012) Carson no 'beacon of reason' on DDT. Nature 486(7404):473 doi:10.1038/486473a.

  4. Wang Y, Moreland M, Wagner JG, Ames BN, Illek B, Peden DB, Jiang Q (2011) Vitamin E forms inhibit IL-13/STAT6-induced eotaxin-3 secretion by up-regulation of PAR4, an endogenous inhibitor of atypical PKC in human lung epithelial cells. J Nutr Biochem, 23(6): 602-8. PMC3201713.

  5. McCann JC and Ames BN. Adaptive dysfunction of selenoproteins from the perspective of the triage theory: why modest selenium deficiency may increase risk of diseases of aging FASEB J. 25(6):1793-814.

  6. Lal, A and Ames, BN (2011) Association of Micronuclei (Chromosome Breaks) with Hematological Diseases and Micronutrient Status. Mutagenesis. 26:57-62.

  7. Ames, BN (2010) Prevention of mutation, cancer, and other age-associated diseases by optimizing micronutrient intake. Journal of Nucleic Acids Special Issue: DNA Damage, Mutagenesis, and DNA Repair. doi:10.4061/2010/72507. PMC2945683.

  8. Ames, B.N. (2010) Optimal micronutrients delay age-associated diseases and mitochondrial decay. Mech Ageing Dev. 131:473-9.

  9. Wagner JG, Harkema JR, Jiang Q, Illek B, Ames BN, and Peden DB (2009) g-Tocopherol attenuates ozone-induced exacerbations of allergic rhinosinusitis in rats. Toxicol Pathol 37:481-91.

  10. Jiang Q, Moreland M, Ames BN, Yin X. (2009) A combination of aspirin and γ-tocopherol is superior to that of aspirin and α-tocopherol in anti-inflammatory action and attenuation of aspirin-induced adverse effects. J Nutr Biochem 20:894-900.

  11. McCann JM and Ames BN (2009) Vitamin K, an example of triage theory: is micronutrient inadequacy linked to diseases of aging? Am J Clin Nutr. 90:889-907.

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  13. Ames BN and McCann JM (2009) Foreword: Prevention of Cancer, and the Other Degenerative Diseases of Aging, Through Nutrition In: Chemoprevention of Cancer and DNA Damage by Dietary Factors. S. Knasmüller, DM DeMarini, I. Johnson, and C. Gerhäuser eds. WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co.KGaA, Germany. xxxi-xxxviii.

  14. McCann JM and Ames BN (2009) Evidence required for causal inferences about effects of micronutrient deficiencies during development on brain health -- DHA, choline, iron, and vitamin D, In: Micronutrients and Brain Health, Packer, L, Sies, H., Eggersdorfer, M. & Cadenas, E., Eds, CRC Press, London, 2009, chap. 30.

  15. McCann JC, Hudes ML, Ames BN (2009) Part 2—Unusual clustering of coefficients of variation in published articles from a medical biochemistry department in India. FASEB J 23:706-8.

  16. Hudes ML, McCann JC, Ames BN (2009) Unusual clustering of coefficients of variation in published articles from a medical biochemistry department in India.  FASEB J 23:689-703.

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