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Summer Student testimonials*
*All testimonials are unsolicited anonymous quotes.

I think an experience like the one I had this summer is absolutely life changing. I think many people would benefit from raised awareness about programs like the CHORI Summer Student Program.

You get exposed to so many subjects, career opportunities, and technologies

It was the best thing I have ever done.

Great opportunity and very educational.

Very highly-regarded program and great for real research experience. Also a crucial resume builder.

It's a good learning experience for the future.

It is an amazing opportunity like none I have seen before.

My experience here at CHORI was what I needed and helped me in many ways.

Amazing program that I am so happy to have been a part of! I always enjoy working at CHORI. Second time was even better than the first!

I have participated in this program twice and I have been matched with the most amazing and intellectual mentors.

It was wonderful experience, and will be beneficial to me forever.

I believe that those who really want to figure out what career they want in the medicine should participate in this program because it does help you figure it out.

The program gives you an experience within an area that is close to your interest. You make connections with doctors and other graduates. Your research extends to other areas.

I think the program is a fantastic experience for everyone even if you don't want to go into the field of research.

This program gives an outlet for students from diverse backgrounds to see if whether scientific research or a clinician related job is fit for them. In addition, I had great mentors not just limited to the mentor assigned to me who make my experience a valuable one.

CHORI SSRP offers a broad spectrum of opportunities that other programs do not. The program also encourages students to innovate within their roles.

This program is invaluable whether or not you want to pursue research as a career. This not only gives you useful techniques, but the chance to meet and connect with professionals in the health field. If you are interested in pursuing health or research, here is always something that can help you on both your academic and career paths.

This program really allows you to put as much time and heart into a project as you desire, without having to worry about holding a job, studying for classes, or other distractions that may detract from more "ordinary" research experiences. You also get a mentor that works with you and helps you find your way.

CHORI provides such an amazing opportunity to gain exposure to scientific research, which is something that is often difficult to gain footing in if you don't have a specific background. In addition, it's a really amazing way to get a sense of different career paths within STEM.

Amazing research experience and ability to connect with a mentor.

It was a great way to get into clinical research in the medical field and I would HIGHLY recommend this type of experience to many of my friends who are tired of basic science research. Would have loved if the program felt more like a community. Maybe setting up a facebook group with all the members so it’s easier to network and form group chats to hang out outside of work.

It's a very diverse program full of wonderful opportunities.

Great exposure to talented mentors and an opportunity to build meaningful connections.

This is the most amazing experience I have every received.

A truly immersive experience into the research field.

This is a life changing experience, and really trained me to think as a scientist. I am very grateful for this program and my mentor.

Provides a good challenge, allows us to interact with highly intelligent and successful individuals in the science field, learn more about the scientific research process, learn to take on long-term projects, learn how to be independent and find own way, earn how to ask for help.

Good opportunity to having something to do over the summer that is resume-boosting. You get a candid feel for the life of a scientific researcher and have to take responsibility in your own project and research.

I have recommended the program to many other kids in my school, because it helped me gain valuable research skills.

It's a valuable experience that allows for independent thought and collaborative guidance.

I really appreciated this experience this summer being able to work on a project and learn about the research. It helped strengthen my interest in medicine and research and I hope in the future to be able to be involved in medical research. I learned a lot from my mentors and from the seminars.

Although clinical research was not what I expected it to be, it is nice to learn what it actually is and appreciate the influence it can bring to improving the medical environment.

I would recommend it to students who are interested in the medical field. They would have a lot of experience with doctors and researchers.

The program is hands on and the mentorship encouraged me to pursue a path in science.

The program gives you a sense to what is it like to work in a research/hospital environment and how physicians/clinicians do their jobs.

It (CHORI SSRP) is a very engaging experience that provides direct hands on experience with real world jobs and I feel like there should be more experiences and programs such as this one for other kinds of jobs.

It is truly an eye opening experience. And I think regardless of interest, anybody should experience the wonderful field of research. 

It is a very immersive experience that provides crucial knowledge for the future ahead of us.

It provides an amazing opportunity in a nurturing environment to conduct research.

CHORI is a very welcoming place and is a great place to learn and research.
Excellent program that gives students a spectacular opportunity to catch a glimpse into the biomedical world--opens you up to so many opportunities, connections, and experiences. Be open minded when coming in, don't have set expectations like I did. This program really gives you so much experience, knowledge, and skills to move further in the field of medicine. Amazing experience! Let’s you dive into your interests in a serious and big way!

You get extraordinary hands-on experience for an extended amount of time - something you don't get to experience in a high school lab.



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