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Summer STUDENT alumni Updates

Elysia Alvarez, MD, MPH*
Mentor: Deborah Dean, MD, MPH
Class of 2003
Clark University

UC Irvine Medical School, scholarship recipient

*2018 update: Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Nazim El Andaloussi, PhD
Mentor: Helen Dichek, MD
Class of 1999

Received his PhD in Zurich and has assisted Helen Dichek, MD with a project that resulted in a paper being published in the American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Ivan Arreola
Mentor: Ward Hagar, MD
Class of 2013

UC Berkeley, 2017
“I am currently a graduating Senior at the University of California, Berkeley, where I majored in Public Health with a Pre-Medical track, and completed my studies in three years. I have vast experience with Community Outreach, Performance Improvement, Volunteer Management and Program Development. I most recently completed an Administrative Internship at Massachusetts General Hospital, affiliated with Harvard's  Medical School Orthopaedics Department, where I mostly aided with their process improvement efforts to standardize their departmental intake process. My current plans include taking a gap year(s) for employment, and strengthening my application for medical school. I intend to do work related to clinical research and potentially applying to academic enhancement post-baccalaureate programs. I have a strong passion for Social Determinants of Health (SDOH); and working with underserved, undocumented, or "at-risk" communities similar to mine. Nonetheless, I am extremely interested in participating in one of the various PRIME-US programs at a UC medical
school. Specifically, my top reach program would be the UC Berkeley- UCSF Joint Medical Program, where I would receive an MD/MS to begin my own clinical research protocol!"

Amarjit Bath
Mentors: Deborah Dean, MD MPH; CHORI & Joel Palefsky, MD, MS; UCSF
Classes of 2014, 2015

Accepted into the Honors Program at St George’s University Medical School
with a Humanitarian Scholarship of $44,000

Jackie Diaz
Mentor: Dario Boffelli, PhD
Class of 2016

Case Western Reserve University
Professional Scholars Program in Medicine
Graduation, 2022
“While the CHORI internship impacted me as a person, it also provided me with numerous opportunities. In addition to the chemistry internship, I was awarded merit based scholarships from a number of colleges. Among others, I was awarded the Chancellor Scholarship from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (full tuition) and the Florence Moog Scholarship at Washington University, which is a scholarship.”

Jessica Drury
Mentor: Bob Ryan, PhD
Class of 2001

UC Berkeley, 2003
Attended University of Pennsylvania Nursing School.  She is studying to become a Nurse Practitioner, with the aim of a BSN, MSN.
Barbara Fairweather
Class of 2017
Mentor: Dario Bofelli, PhD

Attending UC Santa Barbara, Fall 2018
Major: Double major in Music Performance (flute) and Cell/Developmental Biology
After the program Barbara continued developing her laboratory research skills like PAGE gels, mtDNA isolation and sequencing. She also had a chance to present her CHORI poster at a Biotech Partners Gala.
Amber Fearon
Mentor: Marsha Treadwell, PhD
Class of 2017

UCLA Class of 2015
Rosalind Franklin Chicago Medical School Class of 2020
Awarded Best Poster for Chicago Medical School, 2018
“I wanted to thank you for helping me create such an amazing opportunity this past summer and help to spread a good message about Sickle Cell awareness.”
Brianna Fredrick
Mentor: David Killilea, PhD & Kathy Schultz
Class of 2017

Attending UC Merced, Fall 2018
“I miss the summer program! I hope the people who are doing this summer program enjoy it like I did. I'm really grateful for what the summer program gave me last time.”
Berenice Fuentes-Juarez
Mentor: Coleen Sabatini, MD
Summer 2015

Guilford College, 2020
Bonner Scholar, Honors Student
Keely Fuller
Mentor: Nancy Keller & Janelle Noble, PhD CHORI
CHORI Summer Intern 2016 & 2017

Miramonte High School
Accepted Early Admission into Stanford University
Eric Garcia
Mentor: Ward Hagar, MD
Class of 2016

Pomona College
Graduation: May 2021
Eric was accepted into the 2018 incoming CHORI summer internship summer class.
Elijah Goldberg
Mentor: Ellen B. Fung, PhD
Class of 2017

Attending Carleton College, Fall 2018
Peter Hargreaves
Mentor: Bob Ryan, PhD
Class of 2004

In 2005 Peter was co-author on an article that appeared in the Journal of Lipid Research entitled “Reconstituted high density lipoprotein enriched with polyene antibiotic amphotericin B”.  In 2006, he was first author on an article that appeared in Biochemica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) entitled “Spectroscopic studies of amphotericin B solubilized in nanoscale bilayer membranes”.
Sebastian Hurtado
Mentors: Wendy Su, MD & Caroline Hastings, MD
Classes of 2014, 2017

UC Los Angeles
This summer will be taking an intensive MCAT prep course, and taking the MCAT in September.
Last year, I finished a year and a half long internship at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center volunteering on a different pediatric and ICU units helping nurses and residents with patient care.
Vikram Jairam
Mentor: Vasanthy Narayanaswami, PhD
Class of 2005

Yale University, 2010
Is a semifinalist at the Siemens Westinghouse National Competition for his manuscript based on the research project he carried out in Dr. Narayanaswami’s laboratory. Additionally, Vikram made the semi final list in the Intel Science Talent Search for his work in Dr. Narayanaswami’s lab on structural and functional impairment of apolipoprotein E mediated by acrolein, a product of lipid peroxidation and a tobacco smoke ingredient.
Alexandra Keir
Mentor: Jennifer Michlitsch
Class of 2016

Attending UC San Francisco
Master of Science in Global Health, Fall 2018
Nikitha Kosaraju
Mentor: Ward Hagar, MD
Class of 2013

University of Pennsylvania
Graduation, May 2019
I participated in the Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring (PURM) summer program. At Penn, I worked in the renal division of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) during my freshman year. The summer after my freshman year I participated in the PURM program where I worked in pediatric cardiology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. During my sophomore year and junior year, I did cardio-oncology research at HUP. Currently, during my senior year, I'm working at the Center for Neuroengineering & Therapeutics on a neuroimaging study looking at the effects of depression and anxiety on hippocampal subfield volumes in drug resistant epilepsy patients. This work is for my senior honors thesis.
Wesley Kwong
Mentor: David Killilea, PhD
Class of 2016

Awarded Honorable Mention for Barry Goldwater Scholarship, 2017
Attending UC Merced, Fall 2018
Major: Molecular Cell Biology with Bioinformatics minor
Christine Lopez
Mentor: Carolyn Hoppe, MD
Class of 2015

Johns Hopkins
Last summer, I participated in the Biostatistics and Epidemiology Summer Training program at Columbia University. It was absolutely wonderful and I would highly suggest it to any college students interested in learning about Public Health and Biostatistics. 
I am currently working doing public health research in burn scald prevention at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Also, I work in a computational chemistry lab on campus. These experiences have been so important in academic career and I plan to apply to medical school in about a year.
Erin Mamuyac
Mentor: Frans Kuypers, PhD
Class of 2007

“I participated in the CHORI program following my junior year at Piedmont High School, and worked in Kuypers Lab mentored by Frans Kuypers and Kitty DeJong. After graduating high school in 2008, I attended UC Berkeley where I graduated in 2012 with a double major in Integrative Biology (Honors Program) and Public Health. As a part of my Integrative Biology major I completed an Honors Thesis titled “Metallomic Analysis of Sickle Cell Disease,” which I worked on at the Kuypers Lab under the direction of Dr. Kuypers and Dr. David Killilea. I am currently a 3rd year medical student at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. I am planning to apply to residency in Otolaryngology in the upcoming year. I believe the CHORI program had a huge impact on my education, and I actually still discuss aspects of my Honors Thesis research at Kuypers Lab during academic rounds at New York Presbyterian. I have given presentations on sickle cell disease during my clinical clerkships, and discuss literature that I used for my Honors Thesis with my attendings on the wards.”
Janille Miranda
Mentor: Miriam
Class of 2015

New Position as a Clinical Research Coordinator with Dr. Mustafa Arain,
gastroenterologist, UCSF.
Applying to Public Health Programs Fall, 2018
Conrad Murphy
Mentor: Robert Ryan
Classes of 2003, 2004

Stanford University, 2009
In 2006 Conrad was co-author on an article that appeared in the Federation of European Biochemical Societies Journal entitled “Replacement of helix 1’ enhances the lipid binding activity of apoE3 N-terminal domain”.
Gordon Murphy
Mentor: Mark Shigenaga
Class 2005

Presented his summer research with Dr. Shigenaga at the Proteome Society Meeting, Cambridge, Massachusetts October 2005.
Nghi Khanh Nguyen
Mentor: Mahin Azimi, MD
Class of 2003

Stanford University, 2009
Attended Stanford University and received one of 1,000 Gates Millennium Scholarships.
Ranel Troy Santos
Mentor: Marisa Medina, PhD
Class of 2013

Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate, 2019
UC San Francisco 
“I was in the Medina Lab, and my supervisior was Alexandra Arnow. Our project was on statins and their local and systemic effects on colorectal cancer. In a very practical sense, I was able to learn a lot of techniques and gain a mindset that was a great base for a career in science and health. I had no problems getting internships and had a lot to talk about in my interviews for grad school. In a bigger sense, I gained a tenacity from working my hardest to make my project successful that's stayed with me today. I thank CHORI for improving myself dramatically in just one summer. I'm currently a pharmacy student at UCSF, and I still use lessons from CHORI when it comes to breaking down complex ideas in physiology, or with designing my clinical research projects. The biggest lesson, however was knowing that if I surround myself with great mentors and colleagues, and never lose belief in myself, I can make a big impact for a lot of people.”
Dietrich Schleuter
Mentor: Frans Kuypers, PhD
Class of 2006

Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth
Graduation Expected, 2018
“I was fortunate to be a CHORI student doing experiments trying to develop a technique to magnetically separate sickle cells from normal red blood cells. What an invaluable and rewarding research experience! Even though we ran into some challenges when the magnetic fields destroyed some of the normal red blood cells in our experiments, I learned what R&D is about - basic knowledge, exploration, and trial and error.  Undoubtedly, the experience as a summer student at CHORI instilled in me an interest in the medical field, I later majored in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. I am now a 4th year medical student at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth in Hanover. I have just taken the Step 2 exams and am aiming for a career as an internal medicine hospitalist. I have an interest in both patient interactions and clinical research.  If I am fortunate in the Match this spring, I will be doing an Internal Medicine Residency back near home at CPMC (California Pacific Medical Center), at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, or back at Dartmouth.”
Anna Victoria Serbin
Mentor: Frans Kuypers, PhD
Class of 2016

Attending Harvard University
Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Casey Smith
Mentor: Ward Hagar, MD
Class of 2015

Wellesley College
Graduation: May 2020
I participated at the CHORI program last summer, but this school year I have been a part of a program at my college called the Sophomore Early Research Program (SERP). In this program I am required to work in a research lab for 10 hours each week, participate in weekly lab meetings, and lastly I will be presenting my research at a conference at the end of the year. I am working in a neuroscience research lab that focuses on the model organism C. elegans attempting to characterize the function of glutamate transporters as they do not serve the same functions in the C. elegans as they do in humans. My project group is looking at C. elegans longevity, and my official role is to develop a liquid media assay that allows us to score their longevity without the addition of harsh chemicals that my other lab partners are using. My motivation for getting involved in this type of research stems from both my interest in neuroscience and the fact that I gained a lot of experience with liquid media assays at CHORI over the summer of 2017.
Siddhant Talwar
Mentor: Ellen Fung, PhD
Class of 2012

University of Arizona, Medical School
Graduation: May, 2020
“Working with CHORI was instrumental to my acceptance in the Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP) that was offered at my university (University of Arizona) during my college career. Having the background in the research setting and exposure to science and the scientific process because of CHORI gave me the skills and informative knowledge to showcase when I applied for UBRP. With the help of CHORI I was able to share my learning experiences with 2 laboratories during my undergraduate education, the latter of which I am still a part of. 
I am grateful for the scientific knowledge I gained, the work ethic I built, and exposure to teamwork and collaborative effort in the CHORI program which greatly helped moving forward. Being in medical school, I definitely now can appreciate more tangibly the application and importance of research and how it translates to the clinical aspect of medicine. The program uniquely provides high school students early exposure of how science is applied which provides further opportunities in college to work in research. I greatly support the continuation of the CHORI program in the hopes that through this program, it can cultivate the curiosities of young individuals towards science and encourage their passions for scientific research.”
Cammie Young
Mentor: Wendy Su
Class of 2016

Attending UC Berkeley
Double Major: Molecular Cell and Biology & Psychology 


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