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Science education partnership award (SEPA) project

Teacher Workshops

A series of teacher workshops were developed to prepare teachers and teacher aides to incorporate the health and biomedical science lessons into the existing curriculum and to develop student skills in scientific investigation and experimentation. Teachers were introduced to current biomedical research and to patients/families who had diseases included in the SEEK curriculum. Workshops took place at school sites, the Hall of Health, and CHORI.

At each site, the workshops had a different focus:

Hall of Health: K-5 teachers were introduced to the museum; received a presentation on nutrition, body image, or the human body; examined the expectations of the Health Framework for California Public Schools; and tried out a variety of hands-on activities for the classroom. The activities for all six grade levels were related to the SEEK curriculum, but did not duplicate the SEEK lessons.

CHORI: Children’s Hospital Staff and CHORI researchers gave presentations on the SEEK curriculum topics and discussed these topics with K-5 teachers. The teachers also visited state-of-the-art research laboratories.

School Sites: 4th and 5th grade teachers were introduced to the SEEK curriculum units and to the program. Presenters demonstrated classroom activities, and the teachers had an opportunity to discuss how the curriculum met the particular needs of their students.


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