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Field Trip Programs

Two museum field-trip programs were developed by Health and Biomedical Science for a Diverse Community:

4th Grade Field Trip: Some Body!
This field trip sets students on the path to developing a healthy body image. Participants take a close look at the internal and external pressures—especially from the media—to look a certain way. Docents discuss nutrition (making healthy food choices), obesity, diets, and healthy living. The relationship of poor body image to anorexia and bulimia is also discussed. Some Body! was adapted from a program of the same title developed by the Children’s Health Education Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This field trip complements the 4th grade SEEK lessons on nutrition and obesity.


5th Grade Field Trip: Genetics
The 5th grade field-trip program on genetics includes a PowerPoint presentation and interaction with the Your Genes & Your Choices exhibit. Students learn about traits, cells, and DNA through the presentation and hands-on activities. They also learn about human origins and the many factors, including genes, that impact health. The exhibit and the talk complement the classroom SEEK lessons on genetics.



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