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“I always knew I wanted to go into the medical field and I never had a door. Now I do." - FACES Participant
CHORI’s commitment to educating the next generation of scientists begins in the local community, but extends far beyond it. Partnering with national organizations for funding, and local schools, universities and educational institutions for implementation – such as the San Francisco Exploratorium, CHORI seeks to overcome socioeconomic barriers and open the doors of scientific inquiry to all.

The Health Professions Internship Partnership, known as FACES (Forum, Adolescent Advocacy, Community Outreach, Education and Support) for the Future, introduces underrepresented minority teenagers to – and prepares them for – careers in healthcare. More than 50 selected minority students from Berkeley and Oakland high schools interact with health professionals, who serve as internship supervisors and mentors.

With a 5-year, NIH-funded Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) entitled "Health and Biomedical Science for a Diverse Community," CHORI developed a novel, interactive biomedical science curriculum for 4th and 5th graders and tested it both in classrooms and in after-school science clubs. This curriculum is now available as a book entitled SEEK (Science Exploration, Excitement, and Knowledge): A Curriculum for Diverse 4th and 5th Grade Students. Designed to improve science literacy in children who come from ethnically diverse, low socioeconomic environments and to help them and their parents understand the relationship between science and health, the curriculum addresses minority health issues such as asthma, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Under the SEPA, CHORI also developed a family health and science festival with 19 activity stations. Instructions for presenting this festival have been published in a book entitled Family Health and Science Festival: A SEEK (Science Exploration, Excitement, and Knowledge) Event. Finally, the SEPA enabled CHORI to develop an exhibit, "Your Genes & Your Choices," which is now on display at the Challenger Learning Center in Atwater, California.

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