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$1 Million Gift from The Clorox Company to Develop CHORI Endowed Chair

June 1, 2011 - CHORI is pleased to announce a $1 million gift from The Clorox Company to establish The Clorox Endowed Chair for Immunobiology & Vaccine Development at CHORI, supporting the groundbreaking research of CHORI scientist Dan Granoff, MD. Dr. Granoff played a major role in the development and evaluation of vaccines against Haemophilus influenzae in children and is also the author or co-author of more than 175 peer-reviewed research articles in areas of microbiology and vaccine research.

“Establishing this chair and the research it will foster aligns strategically with our company’s global cause platform to safeguard family well-being with a focus on infection prevention,” said Donald R. Knauss, Chairman and CEO of The Clorox Company.

“Clorox is thrilled to partner with CHORI in the fight against this devastating disease.” - Donald R. Knauss, Chairman and CEO of The Clorox Company

The $1 million gift from the Clorox Company is intended to support research to develop a vaccine against meningococcal disease a potentially deadly bacterial infection that affects millions of children and young adults throughout the world. A leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer products with 8,300 employees and fiscal year 2010 revenues of $5.2 billion, The Clorox Company has since 2008 been focused on a platform to “stop the spread of infection” as a source of growth and also as a matter of human welfare. The new endowment aligns these goals with CHORI's shared vision of a world free of meningococcal disease.

"Meningococcal bacteria cause infections that trigger meningitis and sepsis -- a serious whole-body inflammatory state that is especially virulent and can be fatal among infants and young adults -- in Africa, the United States, and Europe," says Dr. Granoff, whose laboratory focuses on Group B strain and on vaccines for prevention of epidemics in Africa caused by other strains.

The Clorox Endowed Chair for Immunobiology & Vaccine Development at CHORI will allow Dr. Granoff to expand his vaccine research against meningococcal disease, and in the years ahead, recruit his replacement.

“I am confident that a successful vaccine can be made to control meningococcal disease,” said Dr. Dan Granoff. “This generous gift from The Clorox Company brings us closer than ever to finding a means for eradicating this devastating bacterial infection.”


Wednesday, October 5, 2011 11:22 AM

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