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Coming Together for Africa
CHORI Hosts CGHI Research Symposium with Collaborate for Africa

On May 14th, 2011, CHORI hosted a Children’s Global Health Initiative (CGHI) research symposium with Collaborate for Africa (C4A) to bring together CGHI researchers and clinicians, and the diverse members of C4A. C4A is a networking organization designed to connect individuals who have an interest in Africa with individuals who have the resources to translate that interest into positive action.

“Collaborate for Africa connects people from all different walks of life – financial people, information technology folks, physicians – anyone and everyone interested in either healthcare or environmental problems in Africa,” explains Jeff Chow, Founder of C4A.

“By creating a joint event between Collaborate for Africa and the CGHI, we were able to showcase the important work we are doing in Africa for those most interested in helping make the kind of work the CGHI is doing a reality,” explains Deborah Dean, MD, MPH, CHORI scientist and CGHI Executive Director.

“The potential collabor-
ations that are underway from bringing all of these people together in the same place are just phenom-

Launched in 2008 with the mission of enabling sustainable global health for children and their communities through education, training, clinical care and translational research, the CGHI is a joint effort between clinicians at the hospital branch of Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland and investigators at CHORI to create sustainable programs across the globe. Although the CGHI promotes local in-country clinical and institutional collaborations in over 20 different countries worldwide, the May symposium focused primarily on current projects in Africa.

"To name just a few, we had Dan Granoff, PhD, talking about his work with meningitis in sub-Saharan Africa, and Mary Coleman, MD, who has been providing services and training at the only pediatric hospital in Uganda. Pricilla Joe, MD presented on her work on neonatology training regarding infant resuscitation in Uganda, and Desiree LaBeaud, MD, MS, discussed Rift Valley Fever in Kenya," says Dr. Dean.

A combination of both scientists conducting research and doctors providing services and training, the presentations highlighted the variety of ways in which the CGHI provides a venue for the medical and scientific world to collaborate in the development and implementation of preventative strategies and cures for diseases across the globe, and Africa in particular.

"The potential collaborations that are underway from bringing all of these people together in the same place are just phenomenal, from folks interested in helping provide Internet systems for data transfer from clinics in Africa back to local US resources, to healthcare professionals who want to know how they can participate," says Dr. Dean.

“The symposium was a wonderful success, and the CGHI looks forward to future projects with members from C4A as we move forward with our work to help the world's most vulnerable population – it's children.”


Wednesday, October 5, 2011 11:22 AM

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