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CHORI Announces New Deputy Director

CHORI is pleased to announce that senior scientist and chair of CHORI’s Center for Genetics, David I.K. Martin, MD, will be taking on the role of CHORI Deputy Director. A principal investigator at CHORI for the last 5 years, Dr. Martin looks forward to actively participating in the leadership of the institute.

“I have a very positive attitude about CHORI and its prospects, and I’d like to do whatever I can to continue to build this institute into everything it has the potential to be,” says Dr. Martin.

I hope to do whatever I can to build CHORI into everything this institute can be.

Dr. Martin, who was offered the position of deputy director by CHORI Director, Alexander Lucas, PhD, is ideally suited for the position, bringing with him not only his positive attitude, but a host of other skills as well.

"David brings the same skills to administration as he does to his scientific endeavors, namely critical and analytical thinking, and creativity," says Dr. Lucas. "The credentials that make him such a highly accomplished scientist are the same credentials that are essential for effective leadership."

Dr. Martin's scientific accomplishments currently focus on epigenetics, cell differentiation and molecular genetics. Ongoing research projects in Dr. Martin's lab explore the role of epigenetics in evolution, cancer and cell differentiation.

"Epigentics broadly describes changes in gene expression that do not involve changes to the DNA sequence itself," explains Dr. Martin, whose groundbreaking research established the existence of epigenetic inheritance in mammals.

In addition to his scientific aptitudes, however, Dr. Martin also has previous real-world experience in research institute administration. After establishing a lab for 9 years at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, he became Head of the Molecular Genetics Program at Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in Sydney, where he helped spearhead the organization's expansion from a handful of labs to a fully-fledged research institute.

"I really have learned a lot about the way a successful research institute runs, having been very involved in growth and development at my previous appointments," says Dr. Martin. "I think Alex has very clear and direct ideas about what we need at CHORI and I look forward to helping him meet those needs as well as to address the challenges of sustaining CHORI long into the future."

Dr. Martin's previous experience has provided him with a deep understanding of how the best research institutes are managed, as well as the skills to help translate that understanding into nuts and bolts practice.

As Dr. Lucas says, "Dr. Martin has demonstrated great capability to think in broad terms, and a dedicated interest in contributing to CHORI's overall mission. We couldn't be more pleased at CHORI that David has so enthusiastically stepped up to the plate to help us continuing moving toward the future."


Tuesday, May 17, 2011 8:19 AM

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