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CHORI Holds BayBio Technology Showcase

"It was a great opportunity for many different industry members to find out who we are and what we do."

CHORI has been a member of the BayBio Institute network since 2007, and in February of this year welcomed over 80 BayBio members to an evening showcase of CHORI’s ground-breaking research and biotechnology developments. CHORI principal investigators presented posters summarizing the research being performed in each of CHORI’s research centers, as well as providing informal introductions to the research and laboratory tours.

“We had a very successful evening, with all the different research centers at CHORI represented and wonderful maps showing where we do research all over the world and in which different countries,” says Suzanne Haendel, who manages CHORI’s Technology Transfer Office.

The BayBio Institute is a non-profit organization that provides the life science community with an invaluable networking resource, connecting all the different players involved in the biotechnology industry with one another, from lawyers to government agencies to scientists.

"CHORI joined the BayBio network in order to have a more visible presence in the biotech community. We are one of the most active research organizations in the area, along with the University of California at San Francisco and Berkeley, yet hardly anyone knows what we are about," says Ms. Haendel.

In fact, with its emphasis on translational research that focuses on bringing the innovation of the lab directly to clinical treatment, CHORI is a nexus for biotechnological advances and has already dozens and dozens of different technologies available, ranging from therapeutics and diagnostics to research reagents and devices. While many of them are in early-stage development, some of them are closer to market, such as the new technique for harvesting stem cells from placenta.

"As an outgrowth of our sibling donor cord blood program , we've recently identified a way to cryopreserve stem and progenitor cells in whole placenta for use in cellular therapy. This means that we now have a source of cells for cellular therapy in an amount large enough to treat adults, which has been a potential limitation of the cord-blood derived cells," Ms. Haendel explains.
"We also have some really great cancer vaccine development going on as well, with technology that is very close to being ready to license that is broadly reactive against a large number of cancers."
Other promising developments in the CHORI technology pipeline include vaccine constructs that could be used to develop vaccines against Meningococcal disease, Chlamydia and Anthrax, as well as therapeutics and diagnostics for a number of metabolic or pulmonary diseases, many of which are ready to license. In addition to providing access to such unique and avant-garde research developments, however, CHORI as additional perks by virtue of being a private institution.

As Ms. Haendel points out, "We have a very flat approval structure and a user-friendly administration that is creative in the kinds of deals we can develop - unlike many larger, public institutions."

The BayBio CHORI showcase was a perfect opportunity to remind the Bay Area biotechnology community of all the different aspects that CHORI has to offer. The BayBio Institute sponsors networking sessions once a month throughout the year, at each of the different member sites, and the February CHORI showcase was the first session of 2009.
"We really wanted to put CHORI on the map and in the minds of companies when the think of technology development and basic and clinical research, as well as to put our scientists in closer contact with the business community in the hope of providing them an opportunity to identify overlapping interests," Ms. Haendel explains.

"We want the business and industry community to start to think about CHORI when they think about collaborative research opportunities."

Please visit check out the Technology Transfer Office website for more information about the different biotechnology opportunities available through CHORI.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011 8:19 AM

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