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CHORI Raffle Reaches Out
CHORI Administrators Bring Inspiration to Community Fundraising

While the research arm (CHORI) and hospital arm (Children's Hospital Oakland) of Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland (CHRCO) team up every year to raise funds for the holiday Adopt-A-Family program, this year CHORI was able to make a splash with a new fundraising event that raised the bar for the number of families for whom CHORI was able to provide funds.

"We always participate in fundraising for the Adopt-A-Family program," explains IACUC Administrator, Betsy Lathrop, "but what was different this year was adding in the basket raffle."

The inspired idea of fellow administrative coordinator, Karen Catanese, was to create a competition between labs for coming up with ideas for different gift baskets that would be raffled off. The labs could choose whatever theme they wanted, such as a weekend in wine country, a framed $100 bill, or a gift certificate for a spa.

"There was quite a frenzy to buy the tickets and it got very competitive. It was a dollar per individual ticket, but less per ticket if you bought a bunch, for example 30 tickets for 10 dollars. We ended up selling so many tickets that we had to go out and get another huge roll. We only did it for two days and we couldn't sell them fast enough."

The end result was that with the organization-wide enthusiasm and support, CHORI was able to raise $1800 through the basket raffle, helping out an additional 9 families that would otherwise have been empty-handed at Christmas.

It was so successful in fact that the CHORI administrative team who organized it is already looking forward to doing it again next year.

"We were all really pleased with the way it worked out. The only thing that will be different I think is that there will be even greater participation."

The team raised their $1,800 by raffling tickets off for only 15 baskets. Now that word has got around as to just what the basket raffle is all about, however, the administrative team expects even more labs to participate in coming up with creative ideas for baskets.

"We did the drawing at the holiday party and all the baskets were part of the decorations. And of course, the weekend in wine country, when that got around, tickets were selling like wildfire and everyone was hearing about it."

Given the CHORI-wide support of the fund-raising effort, the admin team can expect to help out even more families next year, which is, after all, the point.

"I guess we all feel pretty lucky that we all have jobs and have our needs pretty well met," says Ms. Lathrop. "It feels good to reach out to somebody else."


Monday, May 16, 2011 11:33 PM

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