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L1/Desferal Study

This study is for adult patients (18 years and older) who are chronically transfused and have impaired heart function. This is a one-year study to determine if Desferal and deferiprone (L1) in combination or Desferal alone helps more with increasing heart function. Heart function is assessed by echocardiogram and cardiac MRI/T2 Star. In this study, patients will be randomly assigned to either arm (L1 and Desferal or Desferal alone) and then followed for one year.

This study will be done at all the TCRN centers in the United States and Canada as well as in multiple sites in Europe and Asia. This study has been open for three years and three patients at CHRCO have successfully completed the one-year protocol.

For more information, please contact Nancy Sweeters, RN, PNP at Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland, 510-428-3885, ext. 4151 or ask your clinical care provider.


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