Category 1 Exemptions

Educational research proposals are exempt providing all of the following conditions are met:

    1. All of the research is conducted in a commonly accepted educational setting (e.g., public school).
    2. The research involves normal educational practices (e.g., comparison of instructional techniques).
    3. The study procedures do not represent a significant deviation in time or effort requirements from those educational practices already existent at the study site.
    4. The study procedures involve no increase in the level of risk or discomfort associated with normal, routine educational practices.
    5. The study procedures do not involve sensitive subjects (e.g., sex education).
    6. Provisions are made to ensure the existence of a non-coercive environment for those students who choose not to participate.
    7. The school or other institution grants written approval for the research to be conducted.

Note: This exemption is applicable to individuals with mental handicaps only if the research involves no change in the content, location, or procedures of instruction from those normally experienced by the subject.