Children ages 9 to 12 Needed for Water and Weightloss Study

Is your child overweight and motivated to lose weight?
Does your child consume drinks other than water?
If so, your child may qualify for our study!

  • In this study, you and your child will have free bottled water delivered to your house for up to 6 months!
  • Your child will learn healthy eating habits!
  • Drinking water may help children eat less and burn more calories, something that can help overweight children lose weight and be healthier!


In Order to Participate in this Study, Your Child Must:
  1. Be able to commit to the study for the full 7 months
  2. Make 6 visits to the Pediatric Clinical Research Center
  3. Have 9 interviews asking what he or she had to eat and drink during the day
  4. Replace their usual drinks with water during the course of the study

Your child can receive up to $135 if she or he completes the study. If you are interested in your child being in this study, email or call Dr. Jodi Stookey at 510-450-7945.


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