ADAPT: Biomarkers of adaptation to changes in water intakE STUDY


What do you mean by learn about my metabolism?
We would use painless, non-invasive tests to look at how your kidney, heart, skin, and brain (optional neuroimaging) respond to changes in water intake. We would measure the air you breathe out to see if water alters how much energy and fat you burn. We would use blood tests to look for changes in your blood sugar, protein and cholesterol, vitamin D (bone metabolism) and blood cells. We would show you your personal results from CLIA approved laboratories.

What do you mean by normal weight?
Normal weight is based on the ratio of your weight to your height, or your Body Mass Index (BMI). In order to participate in this study, your BMI must be 18.5-24.9. Please follow this link to check your weight status.
What do you mean by healthy?
We are looking for people who do not regularly use medications or have conditions related to altered body fluid balance, such as frequent headaches, high blood pressure, kidney, heart, liver, thyroid conditions, diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, clinical anxiety or depression.

What do you mean by regularly drink fewer than one alcoholic or caffeinated beverage per week?
We are looking for people who generally don’t consume alcohol or caffeine on a regular basis so they can easily avoid drinking any alcohol or caffeine for all 8 weeks without difficulty.

How often would I have to come to the clinic and how long would the visits take?
Each week, you would come to the clinic on Thursday morning for 2 hours. The visits can be scheduled to best fit your schedule (as early as 6am).
Each week, you would also need to come to the clinic on Friday mornings just to drop off your urine collections – this visit would take less than 15 min.

Where is the clinic?
The clinic visits will happen at the Pediatric Clinical Research Center at Children’s Hospital Oakland: 747 52nd Street, Oakland, California 94609.

Would I have to change how I eat or drink to be in this study?
You would not change how you eat, but you would increase your water intake by 1L per day for 2 weeks and 2L per day for 2 weeks. We would give you bottled water for this.

Could I eat before my clinic visits?
No. Each Thursday morning, you should arrive at the clinic after an overnight fast – no food or fluid from 11pm the night before.

What do you mean by 24hr urine collections?
We will ask you to collect all your urine each Thursday from when you wake up Thursday morning until you wake on Friday. When you wake up on Thursday mornings, you would collect your first morning urine and bring it with you to the clinic. During the clinic visit, we would collect your urine again. After your clinic visit, for the rest of the day, you would collect your urine in a special DAY container until 11pm. The rest of the night until 6am Friday morning you would collect all urine in a NIGHT container. We would give you containers for collecting the urine. You would need to keep the containers with you at all times on Thursdays. You would need to keep the containers on ice or in the refrigerator.

How much blood is needed for the blood tests?
Each Thursday, during the clinic visit, we would take about 4 tablespoons of blood.


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