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Men AND WOMEN Needed for Dietary Research Study
Information about the Diet

If you participate in the DELL Study, you will be required to eat 2 different diets for 3 weeks each (for a total of 6 weeks). The differences in each of the diets in the study are based on the percentages of protein, carbohydrates and fats in each of them. For the first 3 weeks, everyone in the study will eat the Baseline (control) Diet. During the second 3 weeks, you will be randomized to one of the 2 possible diets, Diet X, or Diet Y. You will not get to choose your own diet - your diet will be randomly assigned to you. BOTH Diet X and Diet Y contain several servings of dairy products. You must be able to tolerate dairy products to participate in this study.

The diets are described below:

Baseline Diet Randomized Diet X Randomized Diet Y
15% protein
55% carbohydrate
30% fat
25% protein
35% carbohydrate
40% fat, 8 % saturated
25% protein
35% carbohydrate
40% fat, 20 % saturated


The study design:

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