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Active Clinical Studies at Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland

By Principal Investigator:
Principal Investigator Title IRB#:
D'Harlingue, Arthur  M.D. Use of an Intravenous Fat Emulsion Comprised of Fish Oils (Omegaven) In The Treatment of Parenteral Nutrition (PN) Associated Liver Disease 2012-033
Day, Susan MD Ocular Manifestations of HIV/AIDS in Children 2012-014
Dean, Deborah MD MPH Pathogenesis of Persistent Chlamydial STDs 1999-024
Dean, Deborah MD MPH Pathogenesis of Chlamydial Ocular Infections 2000-032
Durand, David MD Trial of Late Surfactant to Prevent BPD – A Study in Ventilated Preterm Neonates Receiving Inhaled Nitric Oxide: The TOLSURF Study 2009-081
Durand, David MD The Neonatal Erythropoietin in Asphyxiated Term infants study (NEAT Study) 2010-064
Durand, David MD Growth of Preterm Infants Consuming a Post Discharge Formula 2010-086
Durand, David MD Prematurity and Respiratory Outcomes Program: The PROP Study 2011-050
Erlich, Henry PhD Development of Multiplex PCR and Linear Array Probe Targeting Informative Polymorphisms within the Entire Mitochondrial Genome 2005-010
Erlich, Henry PhD Role of HLA and KIR in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn's Disease 2005-094
Epstein, Ervin MD Molecular Analysis of Hereditary Skin Diseases 2007-060
Epstein, Ervin MD Determining the Kinetics of Serum 25(Oh) Vitamin D Synthesis in Humans After a Standard Dose of Ultra-Violet Radiation 2008-088
Epstein, Ervin MD To Determine Whether Topical Or Oral Vitamin D3 Is Able To Reach Basal Cell Carcinomas (Bccs) And Decrease A Biomarker Of Hedgehog Signaling In Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome Patients (BCNS) 2008-093
Epstein, Ervin MD A Phase II Randomized, Double-Blind, Vehicle-Controlled, Clinical Trial Of GDC-0449 And Placebo Each Taken Once-Daily For 18 Months In Subjects With Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome 2009-026
Epstein, Ervin MD Molecular Analysis of Sporadic Basal Cell Carcinomas in Patients Living at Different Latitudes 2009-043
Epstein, Ervin MD Development of a Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field System to Treat Skin Cancer 2011-049
Epstein, Ervin MD Itraconazole For Treatment And Prevention Of Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) Tumors Of The Skin 2011-066
Epstein, Ervin MD A Phase II Randomized, Open Label Trial Comparing the Effects of Intermittent vismodegib vs. Photodynamic Therapy on the Maintenance of Benefit Following 7 Months of Continuous vismodegib Treatment in Patients With Multiple Basal Cell Carcinomas 2011-077
Epstein, Ervin MD Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Breast Cancer Biomarkers 2012-083
Feusner, James MD "UCB" Molecular Epidemiology of Childhood Leukemia 1995-001
Feusner, James MD Inpatient Outcomes and Chemotherapy Related Toxicities Among a National Cohort of Children with Acute Leukemia 2013-010
Fischer, Horst PhD NOX-Mediated Proton Secretion by Airways 2002-039
Flori, Heidi MD, MPH Long Term Follow-Up of Pediatric Patients with Acute Lung Injury 2002-029
Flori, Heidi MD, MPH Sedation Management in Pediatric Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure 2008-052
Flori, Heidi MD, MPH Critical Pertussis in US Children: Severe Morbidity, Sequelae, and Mortality: A Prospective Cohort Study 2009-030
Flori, Heidi MD, MPH Epidemiology and Immune Response to Life Threatening Influenza Infection in Children (R56) 2009-092
Flori, Heidi MD, MPH Biomarkers and Genetics of Brain Injury Risk in Diabetic Ketoacidosis (BIGBIRD) 2011-064
Flori, Heidi MD, MPH Prophylaxis Against Thrombosis Practice Study (PROTRACT) 2011-073
Flori, Heidi MD, MPH Advanced Clinical Decision Support for Transport of the Critically Ill Pediatric Patient 2011-076
Flori, Heidi MD, MPH Prevalence of Acute Critical Neurological Disease in Children: a Global Epidemiological Assessment (PANGEA) 2011-081
Foote, Drucilla RN, PNP Assessment of Pain Survey & Assessment of Pain in Transfusion Dependent Patients with Thalassemia during Transfusion Cycles 2009-005
Fuentebella, Judy MD Use of an Intravenous Fat Emulsion Comprised of Fish Oils (Omegaven) In The Treatment of Parenteral Nutrition (PN) Associated Liver Disease 2012-033
Fukuoka, Yoshimi  PhD, RN MDPP (A Motivational Mobile Diabetes Prevention Program) 2012-043
Fung, Ellen PhD Zinc and Bone Metabolism in Thalassemia 2004-106
Fung, Ellen PhD Short Term Zinc Supplementation in Young Patients with Sickle Cell Disease 2006-032
Fung, Ellen PhD Skeletal Risk Factors in Children and Adolescents with Leukemia or Eating Disorders 2006-088
Fung, Ellen PhD Follow-up of children diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency rickets between 2000 and 2007: current vitamin D status, growth, bone and dental health and immune status 2007-070
Fung, Ellen PhD Bone health assessment of patients with mucopolysaccharidosis during enzyme replacement therapy 2008-056
Fung, Ellen PhD Comparison of Body Iron by SQUID, DXA and Ferritin Levels 2008-056
Fung, Ellen PhD Testing the Dietary Calcium Recommendation During Pregnancy: A Study of Bone Health in Black and White Women 2009-065
Fung, Ellen PhD A Pilot Study of Low Magnitude Vibration Therapy to Increase Bone Density And Size in Patients With Thalassemia Induced Osteoporosis. 2009-069
Fung, Ellen PhD Longitudinal Study of Bone and Endocrine Disease in Children with MPS I, II and VI: A Multicenter study of the lysosomal disease network. 2011-026
Fung, Ellen PhD Dietary Intake and Circulating Levels of Essential Nutrients in Patients with Thalassemia 2011-069
Fung, Ellen PhD Testing Calcium Absorption during Pregnancy: A multi-ethnic cohort 2011-099
Fung, Ellen PhD Zinc and Diabetes in Patients with Thalassemia 2012-071

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