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Translational Research in CHORI's Center for the Prevention of Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes

Translational research – the direct application of basic science to the treatment and prevention of disease – is at the heart of CHORI's Center for Prevention of Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes (CPOCD). Ultimately, the long term goal of the research conducted in the CPOCD is the prevention of obesity and related illness like diabetes and heart disease through novel interventions and preventative treatment modalities.

Known for her development of tracer methods using kinetic models and stable isotopes, a technique now in worldwide use, Janet King, PhD, was the chair of the most recent United States Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee to oversee the development of a new food pyramid. Dr. King’s research focuses on the effects of the metabolic aberrations associated with glucose intolerance and fetal overgrowth in obese pregnant women, the results of which may ultimately provide new clinical strategies for improving the health of obese pregnant women and their children.

A national leader in research in nutritional, metabolic and genetic influences on cardiovascular disease risk, Ronald Krauss, MD, has had a major role in identifying lipid and lipoprotein abnormalities that increased risk for cardiovascular disease and in developing methods for their widespread clinical testing. Dr. Krauss is currently working to determine effects of dietary carbohydrate and weight loss on genetically-influenced, high-risk lipid profiles in overweight individuals and to develop tests for identifying those individuals most likely to benefit from specific treatment approaches.

Leaders in their respective fields, these researchers offer only a few examples of the richness of the translational research conducted in CHORI’s CPOCD. Explore the Principle Investigator links in the sidebar menu to discover the full extent of translational research in obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes prevention at CHORI.

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