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The rise in childhood obesity and subsequent increase in pediatric type 2 diabetes has reached epidemic proportions and only continues to grow, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting that 15 percent of children ages 5 to 19 (almost 9 million) are overweight in the United States, 2 to 3 times as many as in 1980.

Major consequences of obesity are heart disease and stroke – the leading causes of death and disability in the United States – and type 2 diabetes, which further increases risk for heart attack and stroke and is a major cause of blindness, kidney disease and nerve damage.

CHORI’s Center for Prevention of Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes (CPOCD) combines the multidisciplinary resources of seven different nationally and internationally renowned laboratories to create a foundation from which to explore the underlying causes of obesity and related diseases.

Dedicated to elucidating those factors that predispose individuals to obesity, heart disease, stroke and diabetes, the CPOCD strives to develop innovative strategies for treatment and prevention. Explore the links in the sidebar menu to discover all that CHORI's CPOCD brings to the prevention of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


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