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Innovative approaches to the prevention and treatment of illness and disease rely on translating scientific insight into tangible results that can be directly applied to the clinical setting. While focusing on a wide range of diseases from cystic fibrosis to heart disease, translational researchers in the Center for Nutrition & Metabolism strive to do just that.

A national leader in research in nutritional, metabolic and genetic influences on cardiovascular disease risk, Ronald Krauss, MD is working to determine specific genetic influences that contribute to individual variation in metabolic responses to diets aimed at reducing risk for cardiovascular disease. Through understanding of specific interactions of genes with dietary carbohydrate intake, Dr. Krauss may be able to identify more targeted interventions in susceptible individuals.

In the laboratory of Horst Fischer, PhD and Beate Illek, PhD, ongoing research efforts focus on secretion and absorption across epithelial tissues and their role in disease, such as cystic fibrosis, asthma and other airway diseases. Through investigating the role of oxidative stress on normal airway epithelial functions, Drs. Fischer and Illek have found that vitamin C has a highly significant impact on the proper function of the epithelial tissues. As a result, efforts are underway to establish a Phase 1 Safety Study on inhaled vitamin C in humans.

These are but two examples of how researchers in the Center for Nutrition & Metabolism are bridging the gap between basic and clinical research to offer innovative approaches and disease prevention. Explore the links in the sidebar menu to discover all the ways in which the Center for Nutrition & Metabolism contributes to translational research.  

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