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Unlocking the Mysteries of Metabolism
CHORI's Center for Nutrition and Metabolism

More and more evidence continues to build suggesting that diet represents a significant contribution to disease and premature aging. Large segments of the population, particularly the poor, are known to be undernourished for a number of micronutrients. Though prevalence estimates are limited or non-existent for many micronutrients, estimates worldwide for severe deficiencies run into the billions; less severe deficiencies are believed to be much more common.

CHORI's Center for Nutrition and Metabolism is committed to understanding the metabolic mechanisms that impact health and wellness, and then translating that knowledge into clinical trials and prevention, particularly in low-income populations more severely affected by poor nutrition.

Utilizing the cross-disciplinary approach for which CHORI is known, the Center brings together the collaborative efforts of over seven different laboratories. From investigating the effects of mitochondrial decay on aging to assessing the functional consequences of magnesium deficiency, researchers in the Center for Nutrition and Metabolism are committed to elucidating the mysteries of the body's metabolism and developing accessible and affordable interventions to promote better health and improved quality of life. Explore the links in the sidebar menu to discover all that the Center for Nutrition and Metabolism has to offer.



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