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Improving Health & Wellness
Clinical Research in CHORI's Center for Nutrition and Metabolism

Research in the clinical setting, and the analysis of data gathered in that setting, is integral to determining the efficacy of interventions. A variety of the research conducted in the Center for Nutrition & Metabolism interfaces with the clinical setting in an effort to further elucidate the cause and effect of diet on health and wellness, as well as to provide novel treatment and prevention alternatives.

Poor diet is a risk factor for obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Janet King, PhD, studies the impact of different diets on hormonal and metabolic pathways linked to poor pregnancy outcomes in obese women and zinc depletion in children and adults. Current research goals undertaken in the clinical setting include identifying diet, physiological and metabolic factors associated with the metabolic syndrome, and determining the relationship between maternal adiposity and metabolic complications on fetal body composition and insulin sensitivity during the first year of life.

In collaboration with colleagues in Vietnam, France, Argentina, India and at the Mexican Instituto Nacional de Perinatología, Fernando Viteri, MD studies the effects of iron-folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation in pregnant women on maternal hematological iron status, oxidative stress, and perinatal events, and iron-folic acid supplementation in infants, children and women of child-bearing age. Current projects include studying iron bioavailability from regional diets in Mexico and India and assessing the effect of zinc supplementation on adiposity in infants from lower socioeconomic groups in Argentina. All of Dr. Viteri’s research is geared toward improving the overall health of infants and children across the globe through easily accessible dietary and nutritional interventions.

Only two examples of the Center for Nutrition & Metabolism's clinical efforts to address the dietary and nutritional needs of at-risk populations, Drs. King and Viteri's work are vibrant models of the best that clinical research has to offer. Explore the sidebar menu to discover all the ways in which CHORI's Center for Nutrtion & Metabolism strives to spread health and wellness across the globe.

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