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Translating the Promise of Stem Cell Transplantation
CHORI's Jordan Family Center for Blood & Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapies Research

Thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer in the United States every year; millions of children suffer worldwide from life-threatening blood diseases. In many cases, the only hope standing between life and death is stem cell transplantation. Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland has long been a leader in the translational research that makes stem cell transplantation—and cures— possible. In 2009, however, an extraordinary gift from the Jordan Family to Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland was used to establish CHORI's Jordan Family Center for Blood & Marrow Transplantation & Cellular Therapies Research to expand this important research.

A dynamic research program focused on transplantation and stem cell biology, the Jordan Family Center is led by CHORI Scientist and Endowed Chair, Marsha Treadwell, PhD. The center fosters collaborative and cross-disciplinary integration between innovative researchers from the Jordan Family Center, CHORI's Center for Sickle Cell Disease & Thalassemia, and the hospital's clinical Blood & Marrow Transplantion program. By applying groundbreaking discoveries from the laboratory to the transplantation clinic, the Jordan Family Center translates the great promise of stem cell transplantation into novel therapies, innovative treatments and life-sustaining cures.


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