Beyond Boundaries: The Global Impact
Translational Research in CHORI's Center for Immunobiology & Vaccine Development

In another pioneering approach for prevention of group B meningococcal disease, Dan Granoff, MD, is investigating the vaccine potential of new proteins discovered from meningococcal genome sequencing projects. His laboratory also is investigating novel outer membrane vesicle vaccine approaches from mutant strains as a means of conferring broad protection against capsular group A, W-135 and X strains, which are responsible for epidemic meningococcal disease in Africa.

Peter Beernink, PhD is searching for new meningococcal protein vaccine candidates by investigating meningococcal genes that are up-regulated when the bacteria are grown in human blood.

Using samples gathered from her fieldwork in Nepal, CHORI investigator Deborah Dean, MD, MPH, explores the potential for creating a vaccine against Chlamydia trachomatis, strains of which cause both sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and trachoma, the leading cause of preventable blindness in the world. With more than one tenth of the world’s population infected with chlamydiae, Dr. Dean’s research has the potential to impact millions.

Ann Petru, MD, director of the Pediatric HIV/AIDS program, leads CHORI in its participation in national and international multi-center trials for HIV/AIDS. As a result of the invaluable gains achieved through these clinical trials, CHORI’s very first HIV/AIDS patient in 1983 celebrated her 24th birthday in 2004. With an estimated 34 million people infected with HIV/AIDS world-wide, novel treatments like those investigated at CHORI are critical to both the survival of today’s pediatric patients and to tomorrow’s global populations affected by the disease.

These are but some examples of the depth and breadth of the research conducted in CHORI’s Center for Immunobiology & Vaccine Development, and the extent of its national and global impact. Explore the links in the sidebar menu to discover all that CHORI’s CIVD brings to translational research.


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