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CHORI’s DNA library has become a major resource for ongoing global research in the genetics of human diseases. – Pieter de Jong, PhD
The vision of utilizing genetic information to prevent disease through preemptive treatment methods, to design novel therapeutic interventions or to optimize treatment efficacy can only be realized through meeting the immense challenge of investigating which of over 30,000 human genes contribute to a particular disease. The basic research required to illuminate the genetic, epigenetic and/or environmental factors underlying disease is staggering, but investigators in CHORI’s Center for Genetics are at the forefront of genetics research seeking to do just that.

Investigating the link between genetic variation among individuals and disease susceptibility, Janelle Noble, PhD, searches to further delineate the role of individual human leukocyte antigen (HLA) alleles and combinations of alleles, as well as alleles of non-HLA loci, in type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Elucidating the role of HLA could reveal the specific genetic factors involved in triggering type diabetes, providing invaluable predictive power in the early identification of at risk children so that preventative measure can be taken.

In addition to conducting his own genetic research on Lou Gehrig’s disease, Pieter de Jong, PhD, oversees the leading international resource for scientists studying the genetics of human disease. The genomic library, or BACPAC Resource Center houses hundreds of recombinant DNA clones, genetically manipulated bacteria containing DNA fragments from various donors – human, plant and animal – that can be reproduced, and are shipped on a daily basis to researchers the world over.

These are but two examples of the dedication to basic research found within CHORI’s Center for Genetics. Explore the links in the sidebar menu to discover the invaluable contributions to the body of genetics knowledge that investigators in The Center for Genetics strive to develop, and the ways in which those contributions may just provide the essential genetic tools necessary for prevention, treatment and cure.

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