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Dedicated to providing the most effective treatment and care to infants, the clinical researchers who comprise the Center for Critical Care’s Neonatal Clinical Care Research group focus their research in the area of lung protection, as well as the prevention of chronic lung disease and brain injury.

While huge inroads have been made in the care of premature babies, researchers are still presented with the fundamental challenge of these infants being born before their lungs have fully developed. As a result, many of the national and international clinical trials in which the neonatal group participate focus on high frequency ventilation, liquid ventilation, surfactant replacement and inhaled nitric oxide.

“A good deal of our research focuses on medications which seem to promote the ability of the lungs to grow and develop normally, while at the same time maintaining their ability to exchange oxygen,” says David Durand, MD, chair of the Center for Critical Care Medicine, and director of Neonatology Research at Children's Hospital Oakland.

In addition to pioneering ground-breaking research on lung treatment in infants, the neonatal critical care group has also participated in pivotal trials geared toward decreasing the risk of long-term brain damage due to a lack of oxygen flow to the brain during the birth of full term infants. The neonatal group is taking the lead in piloting clinical trials of novel therapies for improving survival without neurological impacts.

In collaboration with CHORI Senior Scientist Janet King, PhD, the neonatal group is also pursuing novel translational research in neonatal nutrition, with a focus on improving growth and preventing diabetes and obesity later in life.

“We are convinced, as are many people, that the foundation for childhood and adult obesity and diabetes are in part developed during pregnancy and early childhood,” says Dr. Durand.

While exploring both and new research territory, the Neonatal Critical Care Research group continues to set CHORI’s Center for Critical Care Medicine on a course for innovative treatment, care and prevention in providing for the overall health and wellbeing of premature infants and young babies. 

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