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Lipid Biology Research Group

Mission Statement
To further understand the role of lipids in health and disease, through research, education, and community service.

Group Vision

  • To be an internationally recognized center of excellence in lipid research.
  • To understand the molecular basis of diseases, including obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, neurodegeneration, and hyperlipidemia.
  • To apply modern methods of molecular, cellular, and structural biology to original research problems related to the role of lipids in cell structure, metabolism, signal transduction, and neurobiology.
  • To identify new treatment strategies designed to decrease morbidity and mortality associated with lipid-related diseases.
  • To train high-quality scientists in lipid research fields.
  • To create a positive and supportive environment for faculty, post-doctoral fellows, students, and support staff that is conducive to learning and personal growth and to understanding of lipid research and related diseases.
  • To increase public awareness of lipid-related diseases and their effect on the health and economic well being of society.

See also: Kuypers, Narayanaswami, Oda, Ryan, Saba and Smith Laboratories.

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