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Ready, Set, Swim – Again!

Swim Across America, Inc. (SAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment by raising funds through San Francisco Bay swims as well as pool swims for those who cannot participate in the Bay swim. With the help of hundreds of volunteers nationwide and Olympians past and current, SAA helps to find a cure for cancer through athleticism, community outreach and direct service. Since its inception, SAA has raised over $20 million to support cancer research. For the past two years, the Cancer Center has used SAA support to offer fellowships, obtain shared histology equipment, and provide pilot funding for projects in pediatric cancer research.

We are gearing up for the upcoming San Francisco Bay swims on September 29, 2012. To swim, give, or volunteer, please visit the SAA web site
To support Team CHORI, please click here.

The Center for Cancer Research is committed to providing outstanding care to children and adolescents with cancer, improving upon existing knowledge regarding all aspects of pediatric oncology, and translating these insights into meaningful advances in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of pediatric malignancies. This year, funds from the 2011 SAA event were used to support research projects in the laboratories of two world-renowned scientists in the CHORI Center for Cancer Research:

Ervin Epstein, MD is a physician scientist whose research focuses on non-melanoma skin cancers, in particular the commonest human cancer – basal cell carcinomas. He and others identified a crucial molecular abnormality driving the development and maintenance of these tumors a decade ago, and subsequently they have focused on adopting this new information into therapies. The same genetic defect that is responsible for most basal cell carcinomas also plays a role in two pediatric malignancies, medulloblastoma (a type of brain tumor) and rhabdomyosarcoma (cancer of skeletal muscle). The results of one of his clinical studies was published this year in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine (and it acknowledged SAA support).

Bruce Ames, PhD is a National Academy of Science member and internationally recognized scientist who created the "Ames Test" which is used to determine if a substance is a carcinogen. Dr. Ames is studying how nutritional deficiencies affect the risk of cancer development and has developed a "CHORI bar" that contains fruit, antioxidants and many micronutrients that are needed to prevent cancer and other diseases. Dr. Ames is also developing methods for screening cancer cells for sensitivity to chemotherapy agents in a way that may predict a patient's response to therapy.  

To see Grant Martin's story click on me!

To see Grant Martin's story click on the picture!


SAA Check

Swim Across America 2011 check presentation to CHORI


SAA group

Olympians visit Children's Hospital Oakland


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About Dr. Saba and CHORI


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News segment on cancer and children


Mille Miglia North America Tribute Raises Funds for the CHORI Cancer Center

MillieOn October 29, 2011 Mille Miglia driver Sylvia Oberti raced to the finish to benefit pediatric cancer research in a rare 1954 Alfa Romeo 1900 SS Zagato raising $7,500 for the CHORI Cancer Center.

In honor of the children and their families fighting cancer, Sylvia Oberti and co-pilot Michaela Morgan carried a colorful banner for Children's Hospital Oakland Research Center signed with over 200 cancer patients’ names.
“It is an honor to further the work being done at Children's,” says Sylvia Oberti.  “Children worldwide benefit from CHORI’s groundbreaking research because their collaborations with hospitals, healthcare organizations, government agencies and commercial enterprises to advance cures and treatments for kids around the globe. This is the most important race we need to win in the 21st century! We hope everyone may give a bit of their heart and their funds for this most important race. Please write a check to CHORI today!”

For information on Sylvia and to donate funds to her 2012 race, please click here:


Fenton’s Creamery Raises Raises Funds for the CHORI Cancer Center

Fenton’s Confetti Cookie Dream Sundae sales recently raised $2,505.13 for the CHORI Cancer Center.

Plans are in the works for another fundraising event this September in partnership with Republic of Cake in Orinda who will create a mini Cupcake topper for a Sundae. Should be another big hit!!



Biocare Cares About Cancer

Mark Cross (R) at Biocare Ribbon Campaign

Nemesis 3600

Biocare Medical LLC is a biomedical company that manufactures pathology-related reagents and equipment.  Biocare recently raised $9,000 through a Ribbon Campaign, and these funds were donated to the CCR in the form of the Nemesis 3600 Automatic Slide Stainer.  We would like to warmly thank Mark Cross of Biocare and all those who participated in the Biocare Ribbon Campaign for their enthusiasm and support of pediatric cancer research.


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