Center for Immunobiology & Vaccine Development

Modeling the Future of Cancer Research
CHORI's Center for Cancer Research (CCR)

CHORI’s CCR is committed to providing outstanding care to children and adolescents with cancer, improving upon existing knowledge regarding all aspects of pediatric oncology, and translating these insights into meaningful advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pediatric malignancies.

Bringing together the outstanding resources of over half a dozen different research laboratories and the clinical oncology program, the CCR fosters invaluable collaboration between clinicians and basic scientists in order to provide the highest standard in translational research and care. In this environment, clinicians provide basic scientists with information regarding the most critical challenges in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment in pediatric oncology, so that basic scientists can directly apply their research toward answering those challenges. Through such collaboration, the CCR also strives to translate new information regarding the causes and treatment of adult cancers into the unique setting of pediatric malignancies.

Whether designing, monitoring and implementing clinical research trials, or working to develop novel methods of treatment, CHORI’s CCR provides unsurpassed excellence in caring for cancer patients and represents the most current model of cancer research.


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