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Please click on the linked text for descriptions of each of the available technologies. This page is continuously being updated, however; if a technology in which you are interested is not yet linked to its description, or if you would like more information, please contact us.

CH-008 Cystic Fibrosis Therapy
CH-009 Modulation of Sphingosine-1-Phosphate
CH-016 & CH-028 Iron Chelation Therapies
CH-032 Therapeutic for Respiratory Diseases
CH-033 Use of Tocopherol as for use as Anti-inflammatory Agent
CH-034 Use of Tocopherol as for use as Anti-Obesity Agent
CH-041 Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Nitrones
CH-049 Therapy for Metal-related Disorders
CH-054 Anti-Aging Drugs for mitochondrial protection
CH-058 Protection against Radiation Damage
CH-068 Flavonoids for Treatment of Diarrhea
CH-069 Delivery of Drugs to Brain Tumors
CH-110 Treatment for Alzheimer’s
CH-113 Post-exposure Therapeutic for Anthrax
CH-114 Oxidation Resistant for Apo. A-1
CH-056 Therapeutic for Wound Scarring
CH-026 Diagnosis of SLOS Syndrome
CH-027 Compositions for use in SLOS Assay
CH-050 Diagnostic & Prognostic for Sickle Cell Disease
CH-055 Predictor of Response to Leukotriene-Inhibition
CH-059 Drug Target Test for Statin Efficacy
CH-112 Diagnostics for Risk of Atherosclerosis
CH-117 Clinical Assay for PLA2
CH-042 Devise Measuring Biochemical Materials
CH-046 Infusion Match System to Prevent Errors
CH-047 Flow-Cytometry Based Micronucleus Assay
CH-106 On-line Reservation & Tracking System
CH-107 New and Improved Flow Chamber
Research Reagents
CH-036 Rapid Detection of Bacillus Species
CH-039 Small Molecule Target 3D RNA Structure
CH-051 KIR Receptor Genotyping Assay
CH-063 Epitope Mapping of Chlamydia Antigens
CH-109 Improved ID and Clustering of Bacillus

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