Optical Assay Device

Case Number CH-042

Inventors: Frans Kuypers, PhD

Patent No. Title Issue Date Country
Pending Optical Disk Assay Device   United States

The invention provides an inexpensive and easy to use device to detect and measure biological and biochemical material.

In the fields of biological and biochemical testing and analysis, the use of ELISAs (Enzyme-Linked lmmunosorbent Assays) are well known. Common test kits are available for many different applications. However, these kits generally only perform a test for a single analyte.

Additionally, flow cytometry may be used to measure concentrations of biological solutions. However, flow cytometers are expensive, specialized test instruments, and are therefore not readily available.

The invention is an improvement over the prior art in that it offers increased sensitivity with respect to measurements such as ELISA, and can also perform multiplex tests, i.e. using a single sample to measure multiple analytes. Furthermore, the present invention does not require a specialized and expensive optical test instrument, but instead uses a relatively inexpensive optical disk reader.     

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