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Bring your own device


Personal laptops, notebooks or other computers brought onto the CHORI campus must:

  • Be approved by PI or manager
  • Be vetted by CHORI IT staff, please make an appointment before connecting to the network
  • Will require current OS installs that have been updated
  • Active Anti-virus Software (We have a home version available)
  • BigFix agent will be installed
  • Will need encryption software installed / activated
  • Should connect to the BYOD WiFi see further instructions on this page

Minimum Security Standards

All non-CHORI (“Bring Your Own Device” ) computers connected to CHORI networks must meet the following minimum security standards.

  • A supported Operating System must be used. A list of the currently supported OS versions is available on the CHORI website. As of the date of this document, allowable operating systems for BYOD are:
    • OS X Yosemite, OS X El Capitan, mac OS Sierra.
    •  Windows 7, Windows 10 with permission and setup from Research Information Systems
  • All available software updates must be installed (using Windows Update, App Store, etc.).
  • Current and actively updated anti-virus must be installed. CHORI provides Sophos Home Edition for all staff and volunteers to use on their own personal computers.  Instructions for installing Sophos Home edition can be found on the public folder at CHORI IT/Software/Sophos/Home Editions.
  • All BYOD computers must use encrypted drives
  • All BYOD computers must have the UCSF BigFix client app installed. Please contact CHORI IT to have the BigFix client installed

Personal Cellphones

  • May connect to the BYOD WiFi if the user has a CHORI active directory login
  • See instructions for set-up below
  • You may make an appointment if you require further assistance

Downloadable instructions:

CHORI email to your iPhone CHORI Calendars on your Mac
CHORI Calendars on your iPhone CHORI calendars on your Android
CHORI email on your Mac CHORI email to your Android Phone
Supported Operating Systems Using the BigFix
WiFi Instructions  




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