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Asset Management

Grant Funded Equipment Purchase
Equipment is defined as tangible personal property (including information technology systems):
1.  Having a useful life of more than one year and
2.  A per-unit acquisition cost equal to or greater than $5,000. 

Extramurally funded projects are awarded to CHORI on behalf of the project director/principal investigator. Title to equipment acquired with external funds vests in CHORI, and must be used to carry out a project or program as awarded.  All grant-funded equipment must be requested, ordered, received and managed according to finance policies.

  • Item(s) purchased MUST be received through either CHORI receiving or BCHO receiving to be checked in and properly tagged.
  • If any item is delivered directly to the department by a vendor, it is your responsibly to contact shipping and receiving for proper documentation and asset tag placement.
  • If an item is delivered through BCHO Receiving, a copy of the receiving document must be sent to CHORI asset management so that asset databases can be properly updated.
  • If the equipment is moved from one location to another, it is the original recipient’s responsibility to notify CHORI asset management. Be prepared to supply the following:
    • Asset tag number
    • Serial number
    • Control Tag # if present
    • Item description
    • Original location
    • New location
    • Reason for move
  • Assets purchased with grant funds MUST be made available for annual inventory; a designate must be able to produce the item for inspection.
  • Items no longer needed (if a program completes or closes) are to be returned to CHORI for disposition.
  • Non-functioning items MUST be returned to CHORI for proper disposal.
    • It is the owner’s responsibility to decontaminate any lab equipment before transporting to CHORI.
  • Items may not be used as a trade-in without contacting CHORI asset management and General Accounting.
    • Items used for trade-in may not be used for less than the current Net-Book value.
  • Items may not be sold without contacting CHORI asset management and General Accounting.
    • Items used sold may not be sold for less than the current Net-Book value.


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