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All MLK building perimeter access points have been disabled except the Main entrance until further notice. The Main entrance requires BCH Oakland badge access until further notice. Badge access will help ensure the safety of occupants and will be in place until further notice.
The MLK building must be entered through the Main entrance door by swiping your BCH Oakland ID. You do not need to touch the ID reader when you swipe. Please do not hold the door open for others; each person should produce a unique swipe. Only pre-authorized guests may enter campus buildings*, and guests must check in with security.

By using your UCSF ID, you are attest that you:

*For approval of guests to the MLK Building, please request approval from MC Gaisbauer, the Business and Integration Manager.

A remarkable example of landmark preservation combined with modern technology, CHORI is housed in the renovated University High School building at Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza in Oakland, California.

The University of California at Berkeley originally built the building in 1923 as a high school, but by the 1980's, it had fallen into disuse and disrepair. When the building came into CHORI’s care in 1999, however, it still retained what architects call “good bones” under all its peeling paint and boarded-up windows.

CHORI architects were able to retrofit state-of-the-art laboratory facilities while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of the building’s original design. Within its 80,000 square feet of space, CHORI’s facilities are equipped for biochemistry, hematology, molecular biology, immunology, mass spectrometry, genetics, genomics, cell biology research, and microscopy. All essential equipment and facilities are backed up by emergency power and critical systems such as freezers and incubators are monitored 24 hours a day.

Offering the highest standard of excellence in research facilities, CHORI also honors its historical aesthetics. CHORI’s renovation was recognized with a Governor’s Award of Excellence in Historic Preservation and the annual Award of Excellence from the prestigious Woodwork Institute of California.

The result is a unique combination of art and science, history and technology – a collaborative nexus, like CHORI itself, and an unparalleled environment in which to conduct the world-class research for which CHORI is known.


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