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Health and Science for Children Art Project of the Eastbay

Mission: To provide an artistic and emotional connection between CHORI (Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute), CHRCO (the Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland), and the community through the display of art images and objects which represent the creativity and history from each of these rich environments.

Photograph by: Julie Saba “Peroxiredoxin V in lung cancer cells.” Courtesy Vladimir Serikov, PhD Watercolor by: Jean Manty

About this project:

The staff at CHRCO believes that art is a natural part of life that serves as a connection point between the mind and body. Artistic expression is an important link in a person’s ability to heal on every level. Studies show that people who participate in creative expression cope better with hospitalization and illness, tend to heal more quickly, and need less medication for pain. Additionally it has been shown that art in the workplace helps combat stress, improves employee morale, heightens creativity, improves productivity, and encourages diversity appreciation.

It is with these findings in mind that The Artist-in-Residence program at CHRCO and the research teams at CHORI have decided to partner with their local community artists and philanthropists to foster an emotional connection between the research institute, the clinical hospital, and the bay area community.

CHORI HandSCAPE aims to support the creative expressions and education of the children at CHRCO, to increase community awareness of issues surrounding the hospitalization and illness of children, to foster collaboration between CHRCO, community artists, and local organizations, and to display various artworks in the creative architectural milieu that houses CHORI.

Please join us as we begin this journey to bring together these important institutions of the East Bay by creating a permanent artistic exhibition at CHORI. Help us celebrate the community and creativity of the staff and patients at Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland as well as the rich artistic and historic community of the East Bay.

To learn more about our children’s expressive art education program, please visit the Artist-in-Residence program hospital website at:

To make monetary donations to this program, please contact: 
Children's Hospital & Research Center Foundation
and indicate your interest in making a directed donation to CHORI HandSCAPE
or refer to the Donate to CHORI page of this website.
Thank you!


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